3 Big Reasons You Should Regularly Clean Your Instrument

Compared to hitting a crescendo with a band or orchestra, the topic of instrument cleaning is decidedly less thrilling. But the truth is that the best moments in music can’t happen without regular instrument maintenance, and cleaning is a huge part of that. Frequent instrument cleaning needs to be a part of your life as a musician whether you’re a jet-setting performer with international acclaim or a young student learning how to play an instrument for the first time. Here are three important reasons why you should regularly clean your instrument:

Potential Damage

Did you know that skipping regular cleanings could potentially damage your instrument? If you’re a passionate musician, your musical priorities are going to be things like practicing regularly and preparing for important performances. However, regular instrument cleaning needs to be added to your list of to-dos in order to keep your instrument from getting damaged. Dirt, grease, moisture, and other unsavory items inevitably make their way onto and inside our instrument’s leaving valves, pads, finishes, and other critical parts vulnerable to damage. Regular cleanings ensure that your instrument is not only functional, but that it’s also maintained. Doing so will help you avoid expensive repairs down the road. Taking the time to clean your instrument ends up being a lot less frustrating and expensive than slowly watching your clarinet, viola, or trombone fall into disrepair. Regular cleanings also have the added benefit of allowing experts to identify and fix issues before they become major problems for your instrument. 

Good Hygiene 

In the age of Covid-19, personal hygiene has never been more important. Gunk is an inevitable byproduct of playing an instrument, especially for brass and woodwinds, and it’s a conduit for germs. Keeping your instrument clean and maintained is the only way to sustain proper personal hygiene as a musician during this crucial time. But even before a time of mask-wearing and social distancing, playing on dirty instruments was unhygienic and unprofessional for serious musicians and students. Regular cleaning is an easy, inexpensive way to ensure the safest playing experience possible not just for you, but also for everyone you perform with. 

Your Best Sound 

Last but not least, and possibly the most important reason your instrument should be regularly cleaned, is because it helps it look and sound its best. You could be a phenomenally talented, hardworking musician, but it’s impossible to reach your full potential if you’re playing on a dirty, unmaintained instrument. Grime, dust, moisture, and dirt all take a toll on the sound, playability, and look of your instrument. 

As a musician, you spend countless hours developing your craft to sound the best that you possibly can. Regularly cleaning your instrument will keep its tone and functionality operating at its highest level so that you can sound your best. And while the visual aspect of your instrument isn’t as important as what it sounds like, there’s a psychological value in performing with something that looks its best. Stepping onto the stage with a clean, polished instrument is one of the best ways to give a great and confident performance. 

The Repair Shop at Music & Arts

From professional instrument cleaning to repairs and maintenance, Music & Arts’ Repair Shop is here to help you sound your best. Our team of technicians have the knowledge and experience to get your instrument operating at its fullest potential. So whether your guitar needs new strings or your brass instrument is suffering from sticky pads, we can help! With over 40 instrument repair facilities nationwide servicing 200+ retail stores and over 10,000 school districts, there’s a Music & Arts near you that’s ready to help get your instrument back in perfect shape. Contact us today!

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