5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Trombone Players 2020

Trombone players are special people, but since you’re reading this you probably already knew that. Whether the one in your life is a promising student or a seasoned player, there’s no better time than the holidays to celebrate their musicianship and creativity. Here are five stocking stuffer ideas for trombone players in your life this holiday:

Trombone accessories: Mutes and mouthpieces

We’re here to tell you that trombone accessories make phenomenal holiday gifts! Why? Because every trombone player wants and needs them, of course. From sound-shaping mouthpieces to mutes that add distinct timbers and effects to a trombonist’s playing, accessories are important assets that bring out a player’s unique style. And depending on whether players are students developing their skills or play professionally, these accessories could be needed on a daily basis.

Recording gear

Why do trombonists need recording gear? Let us count the ways! In today’s tech-centered world, recording assets like instrument microphones, cables, and mixing consoles allow musicians to record their playing to later critique and develop their sound. But, potentially more importantly, this same gear also lets trombone players stream performances, engage in remote lessons, and rehearse with other musicians remotely with pristine sound quality. We’re getting to the point with music that every musician needs quality gear that can be tailored for online usage, and trombone players are no exception. 

Sheet music

Sheet music is a stellar and affordable gift option for trombonists this holiday season. Whether yours digs jazz or the technical challenge of taking on a new classical piece, there’s an endless amount of options out there for you to consider. 

Cases and stands

It might not fit in their stocking, but it’s too good not to mention. Cases and stands might not seem like the most exciting holiday gifts for trombone players, but we guarantee that yours will be thrilled to get either one of them this year. Serious students and professional players alike have the same issues when it comes to getting their bulky instruments to and from places and for keeping them secure when they’re not being played. This is where cases and stands come in. A solid case or stand could save your trombonist a world of stress and worry, so don’t sleep on these essential gifts. 

A new instrument

If you’re ready to pull out all the stops and celebrate your trombonist in a big way this year, consider purchasing them an amazing new instrument. Stick a few hints in their stocking to lead up to the ultimate gift. We’re sure your trombone player is talented and hardworking, but the truth is that they won’t be able to play their best without playing on an instrument that matches their efforts. Even upgrading a student from the basic instrument they started with to an intermediate model can deliver profound changes to their playing and confidence. And when enthusiastic players get moved up to professional trombone models, their sound levels up in a huge way. New instruments are definitely significant financial investments, but they’re gifts that can truly last a lifetime. 

Bonus: Give the gift of lessons

No matter how experienced a trombone player is, lessons are a great gift. Every musician can find ways to grow and improve, and lessons are a phenomenal way to introduce new ideas, sharpen skills, and inspire musicians. Check out the Lessons Studio at Music & Arts today!

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Music & Arts is the #1 holiday destination for musicians and music-lovers this season. From holiday songbooks to instruments, accessories, pro audio gear, and much more, we’re here to help make your holiday merry, bright, and musical this year. Stop in and see us at your local Music & Arts location, or shop online today!

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