Trombone Rentals

Trombone Rentals

Renting a Trombone

Not every beginner’s musical endeavor should begin with the purchase of a brand new instrument. In many cases – especially when it comes to brass and woodwinds – it makes more sense to go with a rental. The trombone is no exception, and today’s rental programs offer many perks and advantages.

Let’s take a look at why a player should stick with a rental in their early stages of playing.

There Are Many Trombone Types

Not every trombone feels, plays and sounds the same. The trombone family is home to a variety of types, and trying various kinds will give you a better idea of which one is right for you.

Tenor: The most commonly-found trombone, the tenor produces a very smooth and high sound.

Alto: A pitch one octave above the tenor, altos are usually used in replacement of a tenor when higher notes are required in a musical piece.

Soprano: This trombone is smaller in size and pitched higher than the others.

Bass: Larger than a tenor, bass trombones have a big bell and produce a deep tone.

Contrabass: This trombone produces the lowest tone of them all.

There are other types as well, including sopranino and piccolo trombones. Because tenors are the most common, it’s best for an entry-level player to go with that type since a wide range of music has been composed and transcribed for it.

Exchange the Instrument – At No Extra Cost!

It’s as simple as the title suggests. Renting instead of buying is a great way to see if your aspiring player wants to dedicate themselves to the instrument for many years to come. After all, children tend to change their minds at the drop of a hat – at least with a rental, you can exchange your trombone for something else that tickles their fancy.

Renting Can Save You Money

As opposed to buying one, you can rent a trombone for a very low monthly fee. You can even have the option of applying part of your rental fee to an actual trombone purchase.

Rental Packages – The Lowdown

There are definitely a few things to consider in a trombone rental package:

Maintenance & Replacement Plan

This one is crucial. Having a plan set up will not only ensure your trombone can be replaced in the event of it being stolen or damaged, but it also means that the trombone will receive proper maintenance from a professional so it continues operating at its best.

Upgrading Flexibility

It’s not uncommon for an entry-level player to progress on their instrument quickly – sometimes even before their rental term is up. Try to find a rental package that gives you the option of upgrading to an intermediate or professional horn when you think the time has come to do so.

Taking Care of Your Trombone Rental

Proper maintenance of your trombone is crucial to its playability and sound quality. Not to mention, the last thing you want to do is return a damaged trombone to a rental shop. Here’s a few helpful tips to keep your trombone looking and sounding its best.

  • Make sure the trombone’s valves are lubricated.
  • Never use hot water to wash the instrument or mouthpiece.
  • When your instrument isn’t being played, keep it stored in its case.
  • Corks and felts should never be wet, but liquid soap is safe (and recommended) to use.
  • Hold the trombone upright to prevent its hand slide from making any sudden contact with stands.
  • Remove fingerprints from your trombone by using a soft cloth.
  • Don’t forget your maintenance supplies!
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We hope this guide helps you in your search for the perfect trombone rental.

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