All the Different Ways You Can Start Your Musical Journey

Many people wish they were more musical, but very few take action to become more musical people. Whether you’re an adult who used to play an instrument and wishes you kept it up or a parent who wants their child to learn the language of music, there are a variety of different ways you can start your musical journey. From using technology to immerse yourself in music to signing up for music lessons at a local music studio, here are just a few ways you can start your musical journey right this second.

Use Technology

Even if you don’t have the time or the resources to purchase an instrument or take music lessons, you can become more musical by downloading the right apps and software onto your computer or tablet. You’d be surprised at how easy some of these tools make it to create music of your own, and it’s a risk-free way to learn music theory before you ever step foot in a lesson studio. With apps that will help you keep time to apps that’ll help with your reading skills, there are tons of ways to use technology to broaden your horizons if you just look for them. Here are some of our favorite music apps.

Keep It Close to Home

Do any of your aunts and uncles play an instrument? What about your mom or dad? Even if all your relatives have access to is an old guitar and zero knowledge to go with it, at least it’s some place you can start. You never know what kind of knowledge your family members have about things until you ask, and that goes for more than just music. Experience is one of the best teachers, and your older family members probably have a ton of it. So pick up the phone and give your family members a call–not only will they enjoy hearing from you, but they might have an old instrument laying around that they’d be happy to give to a good home.

Seek Out Lessons

If you’re serious about becoming a musician, there is no better way to learn music than from a professional. Music teachers at studios, like The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts, are eager to teach new students of all different skill levels how to read and play music. Music & Arts, in particular, is the premier private music lesson facility in the United States, and is committed to exceptional music education. With customized lesson plans, free events, and world-class instructors, Music & Arts is probably the best place to start (or continue!) or music education. Find a location near you and sign up to learn with us today.

Buy an Instrument

If you don’t plan on taking lessons right away and want to try to teach yourself how to play an instrument instead, instruments like the guitar or keyboard are probably your best bet. There’s tons of instructional videos online, and you can find “teach yourself how to play” books in virtually any music store. Although music lessons are encouraged (after all, they’re the only way you know that you’re learning the right way), not everyone has the resources to pay for them. Check with your city council or local colleges–some students who are majoring in music education may be willing to give lessons away for free (or a very reduced rate) while they earn their degree.

Join a Group

Practice makes perfect, so what better way to perfect your craft than to practice with others? Join your local community choir or, if you’re religious, the one at your church. Getting together with like minded individuals to jam is a powerful way to put everything you’re learning into practice. You might think that you already need to be really good to play with a group, but as long as the others in the group are on your same level (or willing to help you along the way), you can join a group at virtually any skill level. Can’t find a group and want to form your own instead? Here’s our guide to forming your own band.


No matter how you do it, making a commitment to becoming a better musician is important. We’re here to help you along the way. Check back for new blog posts, and head into your local Music & Arts when you’re ready to sign up for lessons. We’re here to help you through all the phases of your musical journey.

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