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When translated directly, the term “Bellafina” means “beautiful fine”– a fitting name considering their line of high-quality violins, cellos, violas, and double basses are some of the most beautiful instruments in the world. Most Bellafina instruments are sized at a reduced scale, making them the perfect choice for younger players or adults with a small build. Since Bellafina is dedicated to providing outstanding entry-level instruments, they work with top suppliers from Germany, Romania, and China to bring musicians of all skill levels high-quality violins, violas, cellos, and double basses. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful stringed instrument at a student-friendly price point, look no further than Bellafina instruments at Music & Arts.

Bellafina Strings

Throughout the years, Bellafina found when it comes to entry-level instruments strings are the single most important factor in achieving the best possible sound. When you purchase a Bellafina instrument, it’ll come with the same strings you’d find on educator-approved and professional instruments. Every Bellafina violin, viola, cello, and bass is matched to a quality set of strings in order to ensure top quality sound. Without a good set of strings, students have a harder time producing a quality sound and spend too much time during lessons tuning their instrument. With a Bellafina instrument, your child can spend their lesson time actually learning how to play.

Bellafina Violins

Bellafina sets out to create high-quality student violins. The Bellafina Prelude violin outfit, for example, is recommended by teachers for first-time violinists. Since it includes a case and a bow, your child will have everything they need to get started. Featuring a solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, and a solid maple neck, it’s a true classic. The Rainbow Series, on the other hand, is available in solid blue, purple, or black, adding color and personality to any performance. Finally, violins in the Persona Series are full-size instruments, making them an ideal choice for intermediate players or an older beginner. Regardless of the Bellafina violin you purchase, each instrument is rigidly inspected by U.S-based luthiers who make necessary adjustments before sending to stores.

Bellafina Prelude Series Violin Outfit The Bellafina Prelude violin kit features a fine instrument, a case and a bow. The violin itself features a solid spruce top, solid maple back and sides, and a solid maple neck with a beautiful oiled finish. The fingerboard and fittings are ebonized hard wood. There is a composite tailpiece with 4 fine tuners, and a Stradivarius-style chin rest. The aged maple bridge is a beautiful touch. Learn More

Other Bellafina Instruments & Accessories

Although Bellafina is synonymous with high-quality violins, they also work with top suppliers to manufacture high-quality cellos, violas, and double basses. Bellafina’s unique ChinCello has 16” viola dimensions and specially designed strings to create a hybrid chin-position instrument that produces the sound of a cello. Whether you’re seeking a first-time instrument or an upgrade, there’s something for you from Bellafina. Of course, every instrument needs the right equipment and parts to keep it well-maintained and in good playing condition. That’s why Bellafina manufactures a variety of bags, cases, and other accessories for violins, violas, cellos, and basses.

Bellafina ChinCello Outfit Standard 16″ viola dimensions with interior body modifications and specially designed strings combine to make a chin-position instrument that has the sound of a cello. With a ChinCello, the strolling string quartet becomes possible, and a ChinCello is the perfect choice when performing space is limited. It’s also lots of fun to play. Learn More

Set-Up in the USA

As previously mentioned, all Bellafina instruments are inspected and set-up by U.S-based luthiers before they’re sent to stores. During this time, pegs are fitted to peg holes with enough friction to maintain tuning, the bridge  is fitted to the right position, and each instrument receives the Bellafina seal of approval before heading onto the shelves. Since Bellafina instruments may spend a month or more in transit to American warehouses, it is absolutely necessary to inspect each instrument for damage. As the proud owner of a Bellafina violin, cello, viola, or bass, you can rest assured knowing that your instrument was inspected and adjusted by professional luthiers. As a result, every Bellafina instrument is ready to play, right out of the box.

Purchase Bellafina at Music & Arts

At Music & Arts, we’re dedicated to bringing you one of the largest offerings of professional band and orchestral instruments, products, and accessories in the world. As a one-stop shop for students, parents, and educators, you’ll find a variety of Bellafina violas, cellos, violins, and double basses to choose from. Remember, when selecting an instrument for your child you should take the musician’s skill level and desired sound into consideration. If your child is a student, a great place to start is by speaking with their music teacher or band instructor. Need to find a store? You’re in luck! With stores in over 20 states nationwide, it’s easy to find the one nearest you.

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