Brand Spotlight: Cordoba

Established in 1997, Cordoba may be a newer brand but their mentality is anything but old-school. Dedicated to everything nylon-stringed, each Cordoba instrument is crafted with tradition and authenticity in mind. Ideal for musicians of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals, Cordoba guitars and ukuleles are the perfect blend of tradition and modern-day playability. Music & Arts is proud to feature Cordoba products on our site, and would like to provide you with a sneak peek at their manufacturing process, product line, and what sets them apart from other nylon-string manufacturers.

Manufacturing & Design

Designed by a team of renowned luthiers, each Cordoba instrument is a true masterpiece: a work of art that sounds just as beautiful as it looks. Depending on the series, each Cordoba instrument is handcrafted by talented luthiers in either Spain, China, or the United States, and all instruments are manufactured from sustainably sourced wood that’s certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). With Spanish heel construction and thin, lightweight construction, Cordoba guitars are the perfect blend of tradition and modern-day innovation. If you’re seeking a guitar or ukulele that’s lightweight, responsive, and super authentic, you can’t go wrong with Cordoba.


Cordoba C3M Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
One of the most popular models and a staple in the Iberia Series lineup, the C3M is a full-sized, handcrafted guitar. It is built with the traditional Spanish fan bracing, a solid cedar top and mahogany back and sides. The C3M also has a hand inlaid wooden rosette, a rosewood fingerboard, and nickel tuning machines with pearl buttons. The “M” in the title stands for its light matte finish. Learn More


Fusion Series Guitars

One thing that makes Cordoba different than other nylon-string guitar manufacturers is their Fusion series of guitars. Marketed as nylon-string guitars for steel-string musicians, Cordoba’s Fusion series guitars are designed to have a profile that’s closer in nature to a steel string guitar. Ideal for those who may be hesitant about switching to nylon-string because of the wider string spacing, Cordoba has designed an entire line of nylon-string guitars that have the tone of a traditional nylon with the thinner neck and fast action of a steel string. Radiused fretboards and 12 or 14 fret neck-to-body construction make these the most comfortable crossover guitars for steel-string and electric players.

Cordoba Fusion 12 Maple Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
The Maple belongs to Cordoba’s Fusion Series, a line of high-quality crossover or hybrid-style nylon string guitars designed to play and feel like steel string acoustics. Most notably, the necks are carved thinner than traditional Spanish-style “classical” guitars and have a nut width of 48 mm (1-7/8 in.). With the option of 12 or 14 frets to the body on most models, these slimmer dimensions, combined with a radiused fingerboard, give the Fusion Series the feel and playability that most steel string and electric guitar players are used to. Learn More


Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Another thing that sets Cordoba apart from many other acoustic guitar manufacturers is their line of acoustic-electric guitars. Simply plug the guitar into an amp if you want to play around with effects or increase its volume, or leave it unplugged if you want a more traditional, acoustic sound. Perfect for professional performers and musicians who want the best of both worlds, Cordoba’s line of acoustic-electric guitars are as versatile as they come. No matter which acoustic-electric guitar you choose, you can make a confident decision knowing that any guitar in their selection is well worth your attention.

Cordoba C7-CE CD Acoustic-Electric Nylon String Classical Guitar Natural
The C7-CE CD comes with a solid Canadian cedar top, and features the same specifications as the C7 with an added cutaway and a Fishman Presys blend pickup with onboard digital tuner. The Indian rosewood back and sides contribute to this lightweight guitar’s loud and vibrant tone. Perfect for gigging, recording, clubs and other amplified uses. A padded Cordoba gig bag is included. Learn More


ToneWoods: A Guide

When it comes to achieving your desired tone, the wood an instrument is manufactured from can have a huge impact. If you want a typical classical “Spanish guitar” sound, choose a tonewood on the warmer side. For a brighter, clearer high end (very common in flamenco music), opt for a guitar with a spruce, maple, or cypress body. When it comes to top tonewoods, keep the following in mind: Indian Rosewood and Canadian Red Cedar produce warmer sounds, Sitka Spruce and Engelmann Spruce produce brighter sounds, and Mahogany and European Spruce fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

Bundles & Other Accessories

To make the buying process even easier, Music & Arts sells Cordoba bundles that include everything you need to get started with your instrument of choice. Depending on the bundle selected, everything from spare strings, a hardshell case, method books, and a tuner will be included with your purchase. In addition to special bundles, Cordoba also manufactures and sells nylon strings for guitars and ukuleles, handy gig bags, and high-quality music stands. Whether you’re in the market for a brand new ukulele or an acoustic-electric guitar, Cordoba and Music & Arts have you covered. Join the likes of artists like Rodrigo y Gabriela and singer-songwriter Jose Gonzalez and start playing a nylon-string today!

Cordoba Protege U1-M Concert Ukulele Bundle Natural
This ukulele is bundled with a carefully selected group of important accessories that will enhance your enjoyment of this instrument. This package includes a Cordoba ukulele, a Road Runner gig bag, a clip-on tuner, and a method book. Learn More


Purchase Cordoba Products at Music & Arts

With over 150 stores across 24 states and over 150,000 products on our website, you’ll find one of the largest selections of gear, accessories, and instruments at Music & Arts–Cordoba products included. If you have questions about the specifics of a particular Cordoba instrument or accessory, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find just what you’re looking for. With one of the largest product offerings in the world, we offer educator-approved instruments and accessories, including Cordoba guitars, ukuleles, strings, and cases at competitive prices. Plus, with our very own Lesson Studio, you can sign up for professional lessons, too! Head on over to our website or find your local store today!

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