Brand Spotlight: Jet-Tone

Designed with superior tone, playing ease, and outstanding performance characteristics in mind, Jet-Tone mouthpieces are the perfect choice for amateur and professional trumpet players alike. Regarded as a legendary mouthpiece manufacturer throughout the 60s and 70s, the Jet-Tone brand was on the verge of obscurity until it was recently reintroduced to the market. Since new Jet-Tone products conform to the original specifications, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be purchasing a bit of history you can rely on. Plus, the unique shape of Jet-Tone mouthpieces contributes to the dynamic tone quality that has become the brand’s trademark.

The “Jet-Tone Sound”

Whether you play jazz or haven’t quite decided on a style, each mouthpiece is crafted to accommodate different personalities of sound. Not only do Jet-Tone mouthpieces provide support in the upper register and allow greater endurance, but they produce a brighter sound than standard “C” cup designs. For these reasons, Jet-Tone trumpet mouthpieces are widely sought after by players of all proficiencies. Paving the way in mouthpiece design, Jet-Tone mouthpieces come in two basic categories: Signature and Standard. If you’re searching for a trumpet mouthpiece that provides the ultimate in comfort and sound quality, you can’t go wrong with a Jet-Tone mouthpiece.

Trumpet Mouthpieces

Although Jet-Tone manufactures mouthpieces for a variety of brass instruments, they focus most of their attention on mouthpieces for the trumpet. The Jet-Tone JT MF, which is the original model favored by the greatest lead trumpeter who ever lived, has a “V” cup that offers more resistance than other types of trumpet mouthpieces. For this reason, it’s the ideal choice for strong high note players or high school band jazz players who are seeking to expand their upper register. The Jet-Tone Studio, on the other hand, is perfect for players who prefer a slightly rounded rim and ease of play. Its shallow cut and dropped undercut virtually guarantee a beautiful tone.

Jet-Tone DS Classic Re-Issue Trumpet Mouthpiece Silver The Jet Tone DS Classic reissue trumpet mouthpiece is built to the specifications of the original DS mouthpiece, famous for an expanded high register while retaining good fat sound.


The Jet-Tone DS Classic reissue trumpet mouthpiece is built to the exact specifications of the original DS mouthpiece, which was famous for an expanded high register while retaining a good, fat sound. If you’re a trumpet player who is hoping to fatten their sound while also increasing your range and volume, consider the Jet-Tone T2B. Available in silver and a 28 throat, it’s built to precise standards and, as with most items on Music & Arts, comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Finally, the Jet-Tone Symphony C mouthpiece is a classic in every way, shape, and form. Rich sound, free-blowing, and good response make it a great all-around mouthpiece. If you prefer standard, classic pieces, its deep cup and unique design make it a great mouthpiece for all types of trumpeters.

Jet-Tone Accessories

If your child wears braces and plays the trumpet or the clarinet, the Jet-Tone Lip Protector guards against light pressure or accidental blows to the mouth and cheeks, and will protect the inside of their mouth from damage caused by abrading brackets and wires. It may look confusing, but the Lip Protector is actually quite easy to use. Simply insert into the mouth and, starting at the mid-line, lightly press the hooks onto the archwire. If the hook doesn’t line up, just cut it off with scissors. Plus, it’s versatile. When playing sports like soccer, it can help reduce injuries from braces while still making it easy to play- your child can even take sips of water without having to remove the Jet-Tone Lip Protector from their mouth!

Jet-Tone Lip Protector StandardImagine being able to blow a trumpet or clarinet without pain due to the cushion effect of the Lip Protector guarding against light pressures or accidental blows to the mouth and cheeks, or how nice it would be to wake up in the morning without canker sores caused by abrading brackets and wires. That’s what the Lip Protector offers! Learn More


Purchase Jet-Tone Products at Music & Arts

At Music & Arts, we’re dedicated to bringing you one of the largest offerings of professional band and orchestral instruments, products, and accessories in the world. As a one-stop shop for students, parents, and educators, you’ll find a variety of Jet-Tone mouthpieces and accessories to choose from. Remember, when selecting a trumpet or trombone mouthpiece you should take the musician’s skill level and desired sound into consideration. If your child is a student, a great place to start is by speaking with their music teacher or band instructor. Need to find a store? You’re in luck! With stores in over 20 states nationwide, find the one nearest you.

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