Celebrate Make Music Day 2019 with Music & Arts

Make Music Day, an annual international celebration of music that’s marked by free events and concerts around the globe, is held annually on June 21st. This year, 80 cities across the U.S. are taking part in the festivities, including Nashville, Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, and Miami.

From DJs and producers performing on the sidewalks of Los Angeles and NYC, to hundreds of brass and wind musicians playing songs by Sousa in Chicago, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re an amateur musician or consider yourself a pro.

The event is presented by the Make Music Alliance, with support from partners like the NAMM Foundation, Ziljdian, Vic Firth, and Alfred Music. Those who want to attend an official event can check out the full list of events here.

It All Started in France

Make Music Day, the world’s first completely free celebration of music, started nearly 40 years ago in France. Since its inception, hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional musicians in over 1,000 cities worldwide have picked up their instrument of choice and joined forces with their neighbors to celebrate the language we all speak: music.  

Twelve years ago, Make Music Day crossed the Atlantic for the first time with the debut of Make Music New York. In recent years, other cities across the continent have launched their own celebrations.

If you can’t find your city on the list, the event promoters encourage you to bring your neighbors together on the sidewalk, your front porch, or at a local coffee shop. If you’re interested in getting your city to participate in a large-scale production to celebrate Make Music Day, email aaron@makemusicday.org for more info.

This year, Music & Arts is partnering with Make Music Day to bring the event to even more individuals. Interested in celebrating? Head to your local Music & Arts on June 21st to join the party!

Music & Arts and Make Music Day: Better Together

Our Lesson Open House Weekend event officially kicks off on Friday, June 21st, which also happens to be international Make Music Day. We invite everyone to celebrate this special day by heading to your nearest Music & Arts store for an evening of festivities, including live music and an open mic night.

“Make Music Day started out in France, almost 40 years ago,” said Aaron Friedman, President of Make Music Day. “It was such a simple idea, and resonated with everyone who loves music — which is to say, pretty much the entire country. Each year, hundreds of thousands of amateur and professional musicians come out to play music across France on June 21. Our goal has been to bring this event to the United States, and unite communities to make music.”

Renier Fee, Director of Marketing at Music & Arts agrees. “Each year, Music & Arts teaches over 2 million lessons,” said Fee. “By joining forces with Make Music Day, we hope we can bring this event to even more musicians and children throughout the United States. We’re beyond excited to participate in Make Music Day, and we’re extending the celebration all weekend long so we can reach even more people, encouraging them to begin a relationship with music that’s sure to last the rest of their lives.”

Don’t Wait, Get Involved Today!

Whether you’re attending the Make Music Day celebration at Music & Arts or somewhere else in your city, check out these FAQs to learn more about the event and its history.

“It’s fun to go to a concert, but even more meaningful to make music yourself, and express the song that’s in your heart, “said Friedman. “We hope that Make Music Day inspires people to bring music-making into their daily lives, year-round. This year we’ll have over 5,000 events for Make Music Day in the U.S., so it’s definitely starting to grow! As Make Music Day spreads around the country, companies like Music & Arts have played a key role, opening their doors to anyone who wants a chance to realize their musical dreams.”

From everyone at Music & Arts, we’ll see you soon!

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