Choosing a Case for Your Trumpet

Choosing a Case for Your Trumpet

Most trumpets are purchased with an accompanying case, but is yours up to par? Whether you’re looking for a replacement or don’t currently have a case, there are quite a few things to take into consideration. If you search online or visit a music store, you’ll likely find yourself bombarded with marketing lingo- some manufacturers advertise that theirs are the lightest, while others boast strength. While evaluating each and every case on the market is near impossible, the below information can help guide you through the process.

Hard vs. Soft

Before you get started, you should decide between a hard or soft trumpet case. While both are intended to protect your trumpet during transport, there are a few key differences between the two.Hard trumpet cases are typically made out of wood or plastic and are much sturdier than soft cases. Soft cases, on the other hand, are usually made out of leather or another quality fabric. Since they’re lighter, soft trumpet cases are recommended for smaller children who may not be able to lift a hard case. In most cases, experts recommend purchasing a hard trumpet case, as they offer the most protection from external hazards. However, which case you choose is ultimately a matter of preference, as each has their own pros and cons.

Bach HLBL1 Trumpet Gig Bag Standard Constructed from quality black leather and generously padded for maximum protection, this bag features highly reinforced carrying handles and shoulder straps. Rucksack feature allows backpacking. Metal zippers, metal rings, and protected metal strap hooks are standard for ease of use and lasting durability. Learn More.

What’s a Gig Bag?

Especially popular for the performing musician is the gig bag- or a soft-sided trumpet case that’s as fashionable as it is functional. Not only are they stylish, comfortable, and sold in a variety of designs and styles, but many musicians find that the side pockets and shoulder strap make them a convenient alternative to the hard or soft trumpet cases. Although they’re light and tend to be less bulky than any other case, gig bags also offer the least amount of protection- something to keep in mind if the case or gig bag is intended for a smaller child or someone who travels long distances with their trumpet. It may be a chic choice, but a gig bag isn’t always the most practical choice for some musicians.

Protec Deluxe Trumpet Gig Bag Black This deluxe gig bag features a rugged ballistic nylon exterior, black powder coated hardware, roomy exterior pocket with a built-in organizer, thick 25mm padding, reinforced bell area, and a convenient shoulder strap. Learn More.

Single or Double?

While single trumpet cases are the most common, some parents opt for a double trumpet case instead. In doing so, you’re investing in your child’s future- a future where they’ll play the trumpet in a high school marching band and/or tour professionally and require space for two trumpets. If you suspect your child will stop playing the trumpet after just a few years of play, stick with a single trumpet case- they’re much easier to find and are far less expensive than a case that fits two trumpets. Regardless of the case capacity, make sure the case has plenty of padding and sturdy latches that won’t accidentally open while in use.

WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case Black The WolfPak Polyfoam Trumpet Case offers a protective lightweight case that lives up to the WolfPak name. This WolfPak case features a durable 1200 denier external covering plus plush covered lightweight foam interior designed to offer excellent protection to your instrument. This case is a great choice for the student needing a light case. Learn More

Shop Around & Save

If you’ve found the perfect case, hold off on purchasing it right away as you may be able to find a more affordable option online or in another store.While the salesperson may try to convince you that their price is the best deal you’ll find, their advice should be taken with a grain of salt as they’re ultimately trying to finalize a sale. Specialty stores, like Music & Arts, typically offer the exact same trumpet cases you’ll find in retail stores or elsewhere online at a much lower price. Music & Arts is the largest retail chain of band and orchestra instruments, including a wide variety of quality trumpets and trumpet cases.

Room for Accessories

Finally, the last thing to consider when purchasing a trumpet case is whether or not it has space for accessories. For some trumpet players, carrying accessories from gig to gig is important. For others, it’s not. If you aren’t sure which accessories your child will need to carry with them, speak with your child’s trumpet teacher as they should be able to provide additional insight. If you can’t find a trumpet case you like that also has room for accessories, your child can always carry a gig bag in addition to the case. Finally, if you’re concerned about the safety of your child’s trumpet, you may wish to consider purchasing a trumpet case with a built-in lock.

Gator GC Molded ABS Trumpet Case Standard The Gator ABS trumpet case is made to meet requirements of the professional and student band players. This hardshell case is constructed of an ABS exterior and a rigid EPS interior which is similar to how a motorcycle helmet is constructed. The interior has soft foam in addition to plush lining to protect the instrument. Learn More


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