Choosing the Best Flute Case

Choosing the Best Flute Case

When compared to other instruments, flutes are fairly compact and lightweight. Due, in part, to their small size and low weight, proactive measures must be taken to protect a flute from any unnecessary damage. Unfortunately, throwing a flute into any ordinary carrying case won’t offer the level of protection it requires, as each part of the flute needs its own separate compartment. When it comes to choosing the best flute case on the market, consider the padding, type of latches, space for additional flutes, and the ability to store any flute accessories.

Hard vs. Soft

When it comes to choosing a flute case, the first decision to make is the type of case. Should you purchase a hard or a soft flute case? While many parents opt for a soft flute case because they think it’ll be easier for their child to carry from class to class, soft flute cases tend to deteriorate at a much faster rate than the sturdy, hard cases most flutes come with. While a hard flute case may be less pleasing to the eye, soft cases typically aren’t built to last- especially if they’re being carried to and from school on a school bus. Since many parents are held liable for any damages to a rented or borrowed instrument, it’s best to cover your bases and purchase a hard flute case right off the bat.

 DEG C21-MP5 Flute Case Standard Features textured black injection molded exterior, molded plastic handle, 2 flip down square latches, 2 riveted full swing hinges, and blue plush molded interior. Padded lid secures flute in place when closed. Slot for cleaning rod. Fits all B foot flutes. Learn More.

Shop Around for Savings

If you’ve found the perfect flute case at your local music store, don’t purchase it right away. While the salesperson may try to convince you that you’re getting quite the deal, spend some time comparing prices online. Specialty stores, like Music & Arts, typically offer the exact same flute cases you’ll find in retail stores at a much lower price. Music & Arts is the largest retail chain of band and orchestra instruments, including a wide variety of flutes and flute cases.

Latches & Padding

Aesthetics aside, the hardware of a flute case can mean the difference between a well-protected flute and a damaged flute in need of costly repair. The type of latches on the flute case will make a difference in how often the case opens accidentally. For touring musicians and children, hard metal latches are the best choice, as they’re sturdier and less likely to open on their own. Additionally, a quality flute case will have heavy padding along the trenches, so the various pieces of the flute will be held securely in place. When searching for the perfect flute case, you can never go wrong with extra padding and sturdy, metal latches.

Room for Growth

If you think your child will play the flute throughout grade school, junior high, and into high school, it may be a good idea to invest in the double case, or a flute case that has room for two flutes. While this may seem unnecessary in grade school, students who play the flute in high school marching bands will appreciate the extra space, as carrying a back-up flute is often a necessity. If you suspect your child will stop playing the flute before high school or are unsure if their interest in music is just a passing phase, stick with the single flute case- they’re easier to find and far less expensive than double flute cases.

Space for Accessories

Finally, the last option to consider when choosing a flute case is whether or not it has room for accessories. These accessories can range from the instrument itself to any replacement parts, cleaning cloths, tuners, metronomes, and sheet music. If you can’t find a flute case with built-in space for accessories, another option is purchasing a zippered case that covers the standard flute case but also has space for any extra items or accessories. As an added benefit, these types of cases keep out the rain and snow and provide protection against any changes in temperature.

Cavallaro Flute Case Covers The nylon outer shell of the Cavallaro case cover keeps out the rain and snow while the imitation lamb’s wool lining insulates your instrument against temperature changes. Learn More.

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