Coco Movie Trivia from Music & Arts

To celebrate the release of Disney·Pixar’s Coco , we’ve put together this list of fun movie and music trivia! And when you’re done enjoying this trivia, check out Cordoba’s selection of guitars and accessories inspired by the movie. You can find them on our site–just in time for the holiday season!  Here’s a video featuring one of the beautiful guitars. 

  • Our 2016 holiday gift guide featured musician Colbie Caillat on the cover. Her nickname is Coco. Our 2017 holiday gift guide will feature Coco again–this time in reference to the film. That’s two years in a row of holiday gift guides celebrating Cocos!
  • Gael Garcia Bernal is a Spanish actor who plays a music maestro in Mozart in the Jungle.  In Coco, he is the voice of Hector who helps Miguel on his journey through the Land of the Dead. Contrary to what you’d be led to believe, Bernal doesn’t actually play any instruments in real life.
  • Coco is Pixar’s first film to use the Musical Elements of characters breaking into song for a fair amount of times throughout.
  • The collaboration between Cordoba and Disney·Pixar is the first time a line of high-quality musical instruments were released in conjunction with a Disney·Pixar movie release.
  • Director Lee Unkrich was the 2011 recipient of University of Southern California’s Mary Pickford Distinguished Alumni Award. USC Thornton School of Music was one of the first universities to offer an undergraduate program in Music Industry. They’re also one of the few highly regarded music schools in the country to offer a degree program in early music.
  • Coco is Benjamin Bratt’s fourth animated film. Benjamin Bratt most recently played Jahil Rivera, a talent manager, in the Showtime hit Star.
  • This is Cheech Marin’s first Pixar film outside the Cars franchise. In 2015, Marin debuted Blazing Chicano Guitars, an art series that features guitars customized with one-of-a-kind artwork by prominent and up-and-coming Chicano artists.
  • The official teaser trailer was released on December 6, 2016. Johann Chrisoph Bach was born on December 6, 1642. He’s Johann Sebastian Bach’s first cousin once removed, and was also a composer.
  • To celebrate the movie, Southwest Airlines made a plane with artwork from the movie. In 2014, the airline carrier began adding free Beats Music to passengers connected to in-flight WiFi.
  • At its core, Coco is a story about a boy who wants to be a musician even though music is forbidden in his family. Many pop stars and famous musicians defied their parents to become musicians, including Katy Perry, whose parents went so far as to say they were disappointed in their daughter for her career choice.
  • The director and co-writer of Coco traveled to Mexico to experience Dia de los Muertos first hand. Music plays a major role in Dia de los Muertos, and here are some songs that Billboard recommends for Day of the Dead celebrations.

Want more information about the guitars in the collection? Check out this article! And don’t forget to catch Coco, in theaters November 22! 

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