Fender Mustang Micro Headphone Amp Product Feature

Fender Mustang Micro Guitar Headphone Amp Review

Fender Mustang Micro Guitar Headphone Amp Product Feature
Carry the Power of Classic Amp Modelers and Effects in Your Pocket: Introducing Fender’s Mustang Micro Guitar Headphone Amp

It’s no secret that guitarists have tons of gear to haul around when they play concerts or show up to band rehearsals. If you can’t do your thing without multiple amplifiers, a pedalboard, and a mess of cables, recording and performing can feel a bit claustrophobic at times. That’s where the right headphone amp can make a huge difference.

Lucky for you, the wizards at Fender have come up with an incredible solution. Their new Mustang Micro Guitar Headphone Amp packs the power of essential guitar pedal effects and dazzling amp modelers into a pocket-sized device.

Whether you’re writing, recording, or practicing, the Mustang Micro makes playing with your favorite sounds quick and easy. Instead of hauling your whole setup every time you play, just plug in, choose your amp and effects settings and rock.

With features like USB and Bluetooth connectivity, it’s easy to record, play along to backing tracks, and stream your performances. If that hasn’t piqued your interest, the Mustang Micro also makes it ridiculously easy to plug straight into your DAW and create.

12 Amazing Amp Modelers & 13 Killer Effects

With the Mustang Micro Guitar Headphone Amp, you don’t have to settle on just one amplifier. Choose from an array of incredible amp modelers ranging from celebrated British exports to tasty nu-metal powerhouses.

You’ll have 12 stellar amps to choose from, including beloved Fender staples like the ‘65 Twin Reverb, ’65 Deluxe, ’57 Twin and the Bassbreaker 15. And instead of dealing with the hassle of switching between amps or digital plugins, simply choose your next amp with the press of the button.

A Pedalboard Of Effects Packed Into A Tiny Package

Playing with the Mustang Micro Guitar Headphone Amp means not having to worry about which effects can fit on your pedalboard. This headphone amp features 13 customizable and powerful effects, including famous Fender favorites.

Craft dreamy riffs with the classic ‘65 spring reverb. Get psychedelic and experiment with the Mustang’s photoresistor tremolo, tape and slapback delays. Dive into the warm, vintage feel of Fender’s Vibratone.

Each effect features six modifiable parameters that are instantly tweakable. And with the included EQ settings, shaping your sounds even further is quick and easy.

Your Favorite Sounds Wherever You Go

If you’ve ever wanted to jam out at school between classes or while waiting at the airport, the Mustang Mini can make it happen. Simply plug your guitar and headphones into the device, choose your amp and effects settings and go.

This nifty headphone amp can easily fit inside your pocket or bag. For professional guitarists on the road, it’s the perfect way to write music and practice in the van or greenroom. And if you’re just learning, the easy performance access of the Mustang Mini is a great way to get started.

With the Mustang Micro, there’s nothing standing between you and your creativity during the writing process. Writing and recording with this device means not having to deal with interfaces, amps, and effects pedals to nail down the perfect sound. With the quick click of a button, select your amp and effects settings and go.

Bluetooth Streaming In Real-time

Mustang Micro makes your life easier whether you’re live-streaming performances or practicing with YouTube videos. Seamless, real-time Bluetooth streaming lets you take part in the action without distracting delays or pauses in sound.

For guitarists rehearsing or collaborating remotely, the Mustang Micro gives you the experience of playing in the same room. Just plug in, log on and go. And with a battery that allows for more than four hours of playing time, there won’t be any expected pauses in the action.

A Headphone Amp Designed For The Modern, On-the-go Guitarist

This incredible device was built for guitarists wanting to access powerful amp models and effects on the go. The Mustang Micro gives you a comprehensive stage and recording studio playing experience that fits right in your pocket.

Whether you’re a beginner developing your chops or have been touring for decades, you’ll love this headphone amp. It’s designed to let players of every experience level access amazing sounds and settings instantly without any equipment.

So, bring the Mustang Micro with you while you kill time waiting at the DMV. Plug in at home and rehearse remotely or play along to YouTube lessons. Or use it to connect with your DAW and start creating. The choices are endless.

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