Giardinelli Brand Spotlight Part 2: Instruments

In the first part of this series, we introduced you to Giardinelli mouthpieces, reeds, and accessories, but did you know Giardinelli sells premium brasswind and woodwind instruments, too? Giardinelli may be a newer brand, but in their short existence they’ve built a name for themselves as a premium instrument manufacturer. If you’re ascending to the next level and need an instrument that can truly deliver, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re looking for your third saxophone or your very first flute, each Giardinelli instrument is built in partnership with some of the world’s finest instrument builders.

Giardinelli 812 Series Black Nickel Tenor Saxophone Black
The Giardinelli GS812T Tenor Saxophone is a stunningly beautiful, professional-quality instrument, crafted in Europe to Giardinelli specifications. Body and bell are made of German nickel silver, plated with black nickel, and elaborately engraved. Keys are silver-plated with black pearl buttons. It comes with 2 necks-one with black nickel plating, and one made of rose brass with silver-plated finish. Learn More

About the Brand

Giardinelli may be one of the newer brands on the market, but their debut line features high-quality instruments that produce the most beautiful tones. Built through partnerships with industry leaders, each Giardinelli clarinet, flute, saxophone, trombone, and trumpet is built with top-tier materials and features you’d expect from big-name brands. Giardinelli saxophones, trumpets, and trombones are designed and developed with the innovative Eastman Company, while their clarinets and flutes are designed in conjunction with Backun and Wm S. Haynes, respectively. Dedicated to designing and building breakthrough instruments, Giardinelli’s mission is that their alternative line of instruments will encourage students to advance their musical studies.

Giardinelli GTB-10 Pro Series F-Attachment Trombone by Eastman Standard
Built in conjunction with Eastman, this line line of trombones employs the latest in Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machinery, as well as traditional methods of brass manufacturing to ensure the highest quality instruments. The VTB10 features an F attachment conversion kit and comes with three different lead pipes, each with different tapers to allow the players to find their preferred feeling of resistance Learn More

Giardinelli Woodwind Instruments

Giardinelli’s line of woodwind instruments include high-quality saxophones, flutes, and clarinets. Their line of alto and tenor saxophones feature adjustable palm key risers that allow you to boost the height of the palm keys for better hand positioning, double braces on low C, B, and Bb keys that help them seal over time, a lacquer finish for a more focused sound, Italian leather pads with metal resonators for louder and clear sound, and a hard-hammered bell for better resonance, tone, and projection. As you can see, their instruments are built with premium sound in mind.



Giardinelli flutes are available in solid-silver or silver-plated options, and have over 125 years of craftsmanship and performance built into their DNA. Manufactured with an offset G for more natural hand positioning and easier maintenance, playing (and caring for) your Giardinelli flute doesn’t require a learning curve. Each flute is designed in partnership with WM S. Haynes, and is assembled and hand-adjusted in the historic Haynes flute factory in Boston, so you’ll be bringing home a bit of history with your Giardinelli purchase.

Designed and produced in conjunction with Backun, years of innovation and craftsmanship are built into every Giardinelli clarinet. Designed with machine-cut undercut tone holes for precise intonation, an adjustable thumb rest for a true fit and feel, high-quality, power-forged, precision nickel-silver keywork, and a 65mm barrel for more projection, flexibility, and free blowing, you’ve never played a clarinet quite like a Giardinelli clarinet.

Giardinelli Brass Instruments

If you’re looking for a fully loaded trombone or trumpet, Giardinelli has you covered. Each brasswind instrument manufactured by Giardinelli includes features and innovations not found elsewhere in its price range. Their trumpets are built with stainless steel pistons for lower oxidation, two-piece valve casing for easier maintenance, double main tuning slide brace for the best response and brilliant tone, and an innovative 3rd valve kick-slide with a lock, among other features. Giardinelli trombones, on the other hand, feature an open wrap design for greater air flow, three different lead pipes to improve sound, responsiveness, and intonation, and counterweights that prevent the “bell heavy” feel.


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