How Do I Choose the Best Flute Stand?

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If you’ve already bought your flute, a sturdy case, and all the essential cleaning accessories, a flute stand might be next on your list. Choosing the best flute stand includes selecting one that’s manufactured from the right material and provides adequate leg length, among other things, but most who are new to the flute would have no way of knowing the requirements. For that reason, we’ve put together this helpful buying guide that’ll cover some of the most important things to look for when shopping for and purchasing a flute stand.

What’s the Best Material For A Flute Stand?

At its core, the sole purpose of a flute stand is to keep your flute in an upright position when it’s not in use. In order to perform this function properly, the flute stand must be strong enough to support the weight of your flute, on a variety of flooring surfaces ranging from wood to carpet. For this reason, we suggest purchasing a flute stand with legs that are constructed from metal, while also keeping an eye out for one  that has rubber feet that will provide traction and prevent scratching of wood floors. Plastic legs can cause flute stands to topple over, as they cannot provide the necessary support, and should be avoided if possible.

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Does Leg Length Matter?

In addition to being constructed from metal, the legs of your flute stand should be long enough to create added balance for the weight of the instrument. A good rule of thumb is to find a flute stand with a leg length that’s more than half the height of the central support pole. While some flute stands are more compact and stand closer to the ground than others, these should be used as a home or practice stand, as they are not suitable for travel. Ultimately, if you’re concerned about protecting your flute from damage, you can’t go wrong with selecting a flute stand with longer legs constructed of metal.

Do I Need Multiple Pegs?

If you own multiple woodwind instruments (or think you’ll own more than one woodwind instrument in the future), a flute stand with pegs for multiple instruments is ideal. In general, these stands have enough space for 3-4 instruments, and some even spin or turn to make grabbing the instrument you want even easier. Usually a variety of small and large pegs are packed with this type of stand, allowing the musician to mix and match whatever sizes work best for them. For those who require specialty sizing, individual pegs are often available to purchase separately.

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Should It Be Collapsible?

Whether or not a flute stand collapses is a matter of personal preference. In general, this has little to no impact on the overall quality of construction. If you travel often with your flute, a collapsible flute stand that you can take with you on-the-go is ideal, while it might not be as important for musicians who will only use their stand at home or in their practice studio. If you do decide to purchase a collapsible flute stand, make sure it’s constructed from high-quality metal alloys that are both lightweight and sturdy in nature.

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