Kid Music Geniuses to Look Up To

Gen⭑ ius – Noun. 1. Exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability.

Chances are you have encountered someone in your life that exhibits natural talent. Even as young children, our schools encouraged ‘talent shows’ so everyone had a chance to showcase everything from singing, dance, or abilities normally deemed strange. As humans we innately celebrate the artistry and flair of masterminds.We are on the constant search for something that will blow our minds! We can even gain inspiration from the experts we discover, to rise above and try to match it! We live in a wonderful time of discovery! If the rise of YouTube stars tells us anything, it is that there will always be someone out there doing the unimaginable while being really. really good at it.

So let’s talk about the brilliance of musical genius. Every single music act and solo singer exists solely because someone dynamic paved the way for them to shine. And they all started off as children. Strap in tight, as we hop in our time machine back and talk about some kid geniuses to look up to. 

Vocal All Stars

Our first child is Beverly Sills. She was born in the year 1929. When Beverly had just turned 12, she caught the attention of operas around the world . The New York Times stated: “In her prime her technique was exemplary…She sang with scrupulous musicianship,rhythmic incisiveness and a vivid sense of text.” By the time Beverly was 16 she was already performing in the esteemed theatrical group  “Gilbert and Sullivan”.  In 2007, Beverly Sills lost her battle of lung cancer. Without a doubt, she left behind her legacy to be carried on by the next generation.

The year 1935 blessed the world with the birth of Julie Andrews! She made her debut at age 13, as the youngest solo singer and performer in the Royal Command Variety Performance, which was shown before King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The world had not seen the last of Miss Andrews! She went on to perform at the West End Theater, securing roles as Princess Badroulbadour in Aladdin.  Julie was even the egg in the stage production of Humpty Dumpty. These days Miss Andrews continues to shine brightly. You may know her from her leading role in The Princess Diaries . In January 2009 she was named The Times’ Top Ten British Actresses of All Time.

Fast forward to the year 2000, when Jackie Evancho opened her eyes for the first time. Just 10 years later, this young girl won the hearts of millions on the American talent show ‘American Idol’. This charismatic pop singer has already released a platinum EP, seven albums, and three solo PBS concert specials. She has been known to headline benefit concerts at the enchanting halls of the Carnegie. Miss Evancho is 19 years old now, and continues to sing her heart out, winning the hearts of millions.

Piano Prodigies

Let’s put our attention on the piano masteress , Tori Amos. Born in 1963, this brilliant star taught herself how to play the piano at the age of two. By the tender age of five Tori had a full ride scholarship to the Peabody Institute. She maintains the title as the youngest person ever admitted. This incredible child is now a busy woman devoted to making her voice heard. She has eight Grammy nominations. 

Now we go back a century, to the year 1830 with the birth of Carl Filtsch. Born in Romania, his father was a church pianist, so little Carl had access to all kinds of opportunities most children do not have. Carl and his brother Joseph frequently played together as they grew up. Carl was considered to be Chopin’s most talented student. With the support of the great Franz Liszt and Ludwig Rellstab, young Carl began touring Europe on concert tours. When he was 13, he contracted tuberculosis and never recovered.

Child Composers

The year 1810 gave the world someone truly special, Frederic Chopin . He made his debut at the at just seven years old! He was notably attained by the age of fifteen. Unfortunately he was burdened with fragile health from a young age, and succumbed to tuberculosis in 1849. 200 years after his birth, Chopin remains a key composer. His ghostlike music is chased by composers and artists everywhere, dreaming to be at least half as wonderful as Chopin truly was.

The 1900s brought us the indomitable Dika Newlin. She is a noted composer, pianist, and even a punk rock singer! Dika graduated high school at only 12 years old. She would go on to get a doctorate in in Musicology when she was just 22 years old. In her lifetime, she wrote three operas, a piano concerto, a chamber symphony and numerous mixed vocal accomplishments. Her loved ones and fans remember her fondly in her punk rock persona of orange hair and leather clothing. She even starred in the horror film Richmond. The world mourned the loss of such a bright personality in 2006, when she suffered fatal complications from a broken arm.

Pop Princes and Princesses

The king of pop was born in 1958. Michael Jackson was just six years old when joined his brothers to form the historical pop group ‘The Jackson 5’.  Signing to Steeltown Records in 1967, they immediately release two singles, which sold out as soon as they were in stock. The group was adored by just about every one. Little Michael soon began to outshine and outgrow his brothers, and went solo. What happened next would go down in history. As soon as the world heard ‘Thriller’ the King of Pop was notable world wide. He is currently the third best selling music artists of all time.  We lost Michael on June 25th, 2009, however, his music and influence are immortal. He influenced bands and artists such as Beyonce, Green Day, Madonna and Ludacris. In fact, just about every current musician attributes their music to the influence and inspiration of Michael Jackson.

The list just wouldn’t be complete without pop princess Dido. Born December 25th, 1971 as Dido Florian Cloud de Bounevialle O’Malley Armstrong. When she was 5 she stole a recorder from the class room, So at the tender age of six years old, Dido’s parents had her enrolled in the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. This was a smart move on her parents part! Her education laid the foundation for her to learn piano, recorder,and violin. She later taught herself to play guitar and in 2004 showcased her raw talent on her Life For Rent Tour. This year, Dido is about to complete her fifth album. She is signed to BMG records. She is happily married to Author Rohan Gavin.


The list of prodigies is quite literally limitless. We encourage you to delve deeper into the world of music and discover where most of it all began. It is quite the journey that will have you constantly impressed and, maybe even inspired to follow your own dreams.

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