Music Festival Do’s and Don’ts: A Guide to a Memorable Experience

Festival season is now upon us! As we gear up to hit the dance floor, it is important to keep a certain etiquette to ensure the experience is enjoyable by everyone. Dancing to music is one of the best things in life and should be done safely. Thinking ahead and double checking everything you do will ensure you have the ultimate adventure! Read ahead for all the do’s and don’t of music festivals.

Know Your Venue

It is crucial to keep in mind the type of place the festival takes place in. Every venue has its differences and a lot of stages have intricacies that can be confusing. So make sure you can easily find your exit if you need to.

If you’re going to the desert:

Do: Bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen and plenty of water. Keep a bandana handy in case the dance floor starts to get dusty!

Don’t: Overdress. As tempting as it is to pull out all the stops for the event, it is impractical and could be a safety hazard in the long run. Leave those platforms at home. Do you want to look stylish, or do you want to survive? Consider a sensible shoe that stays laced up, to avoid tripping. Most festivals requiring lots of walking to get to porta potties and other stages, so your feet will thank you!

If your venue is in a forested area with lakes:

Do: Wear layers. These areas can get damp. The sun is warm but as soon as it goes down, temps are very cold. So bring hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts for when it cools down. Store anything you aren’t using in a backpack or back at your tent.

Don’t:  Resist the urge to go exploring outside of the venue grounds. Getting lost is very easy in heavily wooded areas and it can be disorienting. Obey all the concert ground rules and stay put!

On The Dance Floor

Do: Be mindful of those around you at all times. If you are taller, don’t be that guy blocking the front. Also while enjoying the music, make sure you take breaks from dancing to hydrate from a water bottle or electrolyte infused beverage.

Don’t:  Use your phone. The performers can see you texting and snapchatting and it’s pretty disrespectful. Put the phone away for now, and enjoy what’s happening right before your eyes!

At the Campground

Do: Bring an all-weather tent and sleeping bags. You don’t want to be caught in the rain and have damp clothing! Also, make sure you take up only the space that you need. Festivals can be very crowded and you will need to share space with everyone!

Don’t:  The general rule of all festivals is: Leave No Trace. This means, what you pack into the campground, you pack out. Clean up after yourself and use the designated garbage areas. The day you leave, make sure you have all the tent poles and stakes that you came with.

Planning Your Day

Do: With so many great acts that come to festivals, you want to see them all! Realistically, you should organize ahead of time the performances you really want to see first. We know, it’s so hard to not get caught up in all the excitement, but wouldn’t you rather not have regrets?

Don’t:  Leave all of your valuables locked in the car. This means your expensive sunglasses. Choose a pair that you could lose and not care about. Also, leave flashy jewelry behind. It will inevitably get damaged or even stolen.

Stay Healthy and SAFE

Do: Bring a refillable aluminum bottle for water. Make sure you are refilling it every time you see a filling station or water fountain.

Don’t: Do not rely on drinks like Gatorade to get you by. Regular old H20 is the essential liquid to festival going. Don’t forget to drink water!

Do:  With all the fried and greasy food stalls at festivals, it’s hard to resist, but they can run you big bucks and give you a stomachache. Save your dollars for souvenirs!  All you need is fresh fruits and nuts. Bring some oranges, trail mix, s and avocados to keep yourself fueled.

Don’t: Take any food or drink from strangers. It is unwise and you could end up sick.

Do: Memorize where the medical tents are. Just in case you don’t feel well or sprain your ankle on the dance floor, or you see someone on the dance floor who needs medical attention. Stay aware!


Do: Festivals are full of people from all over! Do make new friends!

Don’t: Never follow a new friend to their campsite. They are still technically strangers so you should stay in an area where there are people around you at all times


Your festival experience should be fun and memorable. If you are ever feeling unsafe or uncomfortable, speak up to a security guard or ranger. We hope your festival season is one to remember!

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