Music Foundations You Should Donate To

Music Foundations You Should Donate To

While music may be a great gift to give to a friend or family member, did you know there are children, hospital patients, and others around the world who could use the gift of music to brighten their day? Unfortunately, music lessons and instruments aren’t always within their reach. Whether you’re looking for a tax write off or simply feel like giving to those in need, there are countless music foundations and charities you could donate to. From Give a Note Foundation to Education Through Music, here are a few music foundations you should consider donating to.

Give a Note Foundation

By donating to Give a Note Foundation you’ll support a foundation that’s dedicated to raising awareness about the lifelong benefits of music education. Not only do they provide schools with the resources they need to expand music learning, but they work with business leaders and decision makers to advocate the importance of music. You can make donations to Give a Note Foundation in a few different ways. First, you can make a one-time recurring donation online, or fill out a donation form and drop it in the mail. For your convenience, you can make donations directly from your phone. Simply text “MUSICED GAN” to 20222, and a one-time $10 charge will be added to your next cell phone bill. Regardless of your donation method, you’ll be donating to a charity that makes a difference.

Give a Note

The Chopin Foundation of the United States

If you enjoy classical music, particularly the works of Chopin, the Chopin Foundation of the United States is the foundation you should donate to. Dedicated exclusively on the development of classical musicians, the foundation is focused on finding a new outlet for awe-inspiring classical musicians across the country. Founded in 1977 by Blanka A. Rosentiel, the foundation assists young American artists through competitions, public performance opportunities, scholarship assistance, and international exchange programs. The best part? The Chopin Foundation of the United States is funded entirely through the generous support of national and local foundations and government agencies, and civic and culturally minded businesses and individuals- just like you!

Music & Memory

Although Music & Memory doesn’t focus on children, it’s still worth donating to, as the organization improves the lives of nursing home residents by reconnecting them with the music they love. Regardless of one’s cognitive or physical condition, this iPod based personalized music service offers therapeutic benefits through a simple approach: they train care professionals how to set up personalized music playlists, delivered on iPods and other digital devices. Hearing their favorite songs can tap into deep memories that aren’t lost to dementia and can bring participants back to life. If you’d like to enable an elderly individual to feel like themselves again, while encouraging them to converse, socialize, and stay present, donate to Music & Memory today.

Education Through Music

Founded in 1991, Education Through Music promotes the integration of music into the curriculum of disadvantaged schools. By introducing students in low-income areas to the gift of music. Education Through Music hopes to enhance their academic performance and general development through music. The organization takes various types of instruments, ranging from saxophones to guitars, and donates them directly to children who live and go to school in disadvantaged areas. In addition, they work hand-in-hand with inner-city schools in NYC to enhance their education with music. Since then, affiliate programs have been started in Los Angeles and San Francisco. To take their efforts a step further, Education Through Music also includes programs for children with special needs.

Hungry for Music

Established in 1994, Hungry for Music has donated over 7,000 instruments to individual children across the United States who can’t afford them. Additionally, they’ve also donated instruments to underfunded schools, community programs, social service agencies, and orphanages. At Hungry for Music, their most important goal is putting musical instruments into the hands of children who have demonstrated a desire to learn music. They believe that by sharing musical instruments with those in need, underprivileged children will have the opportunity to experience the self-discovery that’s associated with learning to play an instrument. All of their events, benefits, and instrument drives are aimed at one thing: uplifting lives and enriching culture by supporting the availability of music education.

For even more foundations, check out 5 Foundations Devoted to Music Education.

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