Performance Protective Equipment for Your Ensemble

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt many facets of American life, music educators and students alike are just starting to settle into their new normal. No matter your classroom needs, Music & Arts is committed to the health and safety of our customers so you can spend more time focusing on what matters: teaching your students the joy of music. If you are looking for performance protective equipment for your ensemble, try a combination of these available products to ensure that your classroom is a safe, clean, and socially-distanced space for music learning. 

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Gator Black Bell Masks With MERV-13 Filter

(Various Sizes)

These double-layer covers have been designed to meet performing arts aerosol study recommendations. Reusable and hand washable, the breathable design has little to no back pressure or acoustic loss during performance. 


Protec Instrument Bell Covers

(Various Sizes)

Play it, don’t spray it. The double-layer fabric of these covers add extra protection and help slow the spread of germs, without inhibiting playability. 

Superslick Bell Covers

(Various Sizes)

These covers are made from a high-quality, double-brushed cotton cloth weave that will not scratch instrument surfaces. With minimal-to-no resistance when playing, they will not impact the intonation of the instrument. 

Conn-Selmer Bell Covers

(Trombone and Trumpet)

These covers, designed by Conn-Selmer, help keep air particulates from escaping the instrument while not altering pitch or quality of sound. It is made from double layered stretch nylon and is a machine washable, budget-friendly option. 

Win-D-Fender Wind Guard for Flute

Traditionally for protecting a flute mouthpiece from the wind, this effective attachment secures to the flute, shielding the lip plate from all directions while not interfering with the player’s air stream. Making it an effective tool to aid in preventing the spread of aerosols.

With all covers, be sure to measure your instrument bell before ordering to guarantee the best fit.

Disclaimer: These masks have not been tested by the FDA, CDC or any other official organization to conclude that they prevent the transmission of viruses.


Gibraltar Hardware Cleaning Wipes

Quickly remove oil, dirt and grime; these wipes remove everything from unavoidable fingerprints and general use of gear. Designed to work on all chrome surfaces.


Microphome is a safe and easy-to-use disinfectant/deodorizer for microphones. Available in this complete cleaning kit, this unique, fast-drying cleaning foam takes only two minutes to use and kills 99.9% of all germs

Mouthpiece Cleaner

Just spray these cleaners on a musical instrument mouthpiece and leave to evaporate (about 45 seconds). Leaves a fresh after-scent and assists in eliminating moisture and keeping your instrument sanitary. 



(Various Sizes)

Adaptable to many different classroom needs, these guards help maximize your student’s ability to social distance within their learning environment. 

D’Addario Dynatomy Face Shields

The face shields are a cost-effective way to protect your students and personnel against splashing liquids, sprays and splatter.

Control Acoustics 5-piece Acrylic Drum Shield

Not only is this 5-Piece Acrylic Drum Shield great to help isolate the sound of your drums during a recording session, it is also an effective to promote social distancing within your rehearsals/sessions. 

Manhasset MH2000 Acoustic Shield

This shield doubles as a music stand and deflects sound to protect musicians or direct sound to the audience. Additionally, utilize this stand as an effective tool to aid in classroom social distancing.

Face Masks

These face masks are adjustable and feature stretchy elastic ear loops for a comfortable fit. Insert a filter pad or liner inside for added protection. 



Regardless of your teaching situation, our collection of Performance Protective Equipment has affordable options for every price point and educator budget. Our experienced Educational Representatives can help you find the right setup for you, your students, your music program, your orchestra and more. From special educator discounts to free shipping directly to your school, signing up as an official music educator on the Music & Arts website comes with some great perks. As ambassadors for music in local music communities, we’re here to make your job easier. Learn more about becoming an Educator with Music & Arts.

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