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Often your requisition needs may exceed District or State purchasing thresholds, even at Music & Arts everyday low prices or Educator Portal discounts. In such cases, your Business Office may require you to obtain several competitive quotes or they may be required to solicit a public bid offering. We may have the answer to avoid these actions. Music & Arts is an awarded vendor on many existing bids nationwide. Some of these are National Cooperative bids such as TCPN and BuyBoard. Many others are State or Districtwide. Below is an introduction to a few of these cooperatives. To understand your purchasing options in your state, please schedule an appointment with your local Educational Representative by clicking here.


The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN) Contract #R140802
TCPN is a national governmental purchasing cooperative able to leverage the purchasing potential of government entities in all 50 states. All TCPN contracts are competitively bid and evaluated by a government entity serving as lead agency. Region 4 ESC serves as the primary lead agency for TCPN contracts.

BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing Contract #455-14
There is power in numbers! The Local Government Purchasing Cooperative was created to increase the purchasing power of government entities and to simplify their purchasing by using a customized online purchasing system, called BuyBoard. It is a national cooperative, which is how they help institutions get the most out of their budgets.


Educational Services Commission of New Jersey (ESCNJ) Contract #16/17-57
Formerly known as MRESC, ESCNJ is the state鈥檚 largest Educational Services Commission, providing shared services in all 21 counties, to school districts, municipalities, county governments, colleges, universities, housing authorities, libraries, fire districts and additional public entities.

Educational Data Services New Jersey Cooperative Contract #EDS7645
The Educational Services Commission of Morris County serves as the L.E.A. for the New Jersey Cooperative. The cooperative operates under the auspices of the Department of Community Affairs.

Mohave in Arizona Contract #17F-M&A-0503
Mohave contracts are written specifically to address the needs of AZ governmental members. Our contracts are done in Arizona and compliant with the Arizona Procurement Code and other sections of the Arizona Revised Statutes as well as the Arizona State Board of Education School District Procurement Rules.


Eastern Suffolk BOCES NY Contract #2017-030-0124
Eastern Suffolk BOCES, an educational cooperative of 51 Long Island school districts, provides educational leadership, direct instruction, management, and support through quality, cost-effective instructional programs and shared services.

Educational Data Services NY/Island Cooperative Contract #EDS8137
The Clarkstown School District in Rockland County, NY serves as the host of the New York/Island Cooperative.

Educational Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas (EPCNT) Contract #2426-15
With a vision of cooperating together to improve their procurement power on like products and services, EPCNT became a reality in 2002 through the coordinated efforts of North Texas public school districts. EPCNT is comprised of public school districts, charter schools, and Region Service Centers located in the Region X and XI Education Service Center areas.


About the Author:
Lou Luzzi is a bid expert, having spent 25+ years in retail music sales. Currently, he is the Institutional Bid Specialist for Music & Arts. He is also a saxophonist in his own right, playing with local big bands and jazz combos around Frederick, Maryland.

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