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Tried & True Techniques for Teaching the Piano

Derek Linzy, a piano and guitar teacher at the Music & Arts in Conyers, Georgia, sat down with the Music & Arts team to talk about piano techniques and fundamentals for beginners.…

5 (More) Foundations Devoted to Music Education

DIY Quick Fix Repairs for the Piano

Owning a piano is a big responsibility. Pianos are expensive, take up a lot of space, and require a great deal of maintenance to preserve the quality of sound the instrument produces…

What Are the Best Methods for Teaching the Piano?

Selecting the best piano teaching method can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a brand new piano teacher. There are as many methods as there are piano teachers to teach them,…

Tips for Keeping a Piano in Great Shape

Tips for Keeping a Piano in Great Shape

Whether you’ve just enrolled your child in piano lessons or are taking lessons yourself, a piano is an investment in your future. It can bring you and your family a lifetime of…


Piano Workshops: Why You Should Attend

As a piano teacher, it can be hard to learn new teaching methods, stay creative in the classroom, or find ways to earn more money–especially when you’re also tasked with finding new…

Tips for Choosing the Right Piano Bench

Piano Teaching Tips from Martha Mier

I have always loved the cool sounds of jazz or blues music. My Jazz, Rags & Blues series has been very popular with today’s young piano students. Many piano teachers have told…

Tips for Choosing the Right Piano Bench

Tips for Choosing the Right Piano Bench

When you’re first starting out on the piano, in addition to purchasing the actual piano and finding the right teacher, finding the right piano bench is key. Not only will a good…

Pianos vs. Keyboards: What Does Your Child Need?

Pianos vs. Keyboards: What Does Your Child Need?

  Piano lessons are a great investment in your child’s future, but what if you don’t already own a piano? Is purchasing a brand new piano really necessary for your child’s success…

Susan Hawthorne | Piano and Voice Instructor in Tucson, AZ

Lessons Instructor Spotlight: Susan Hawthorne

Our Lessons Instructor Spotlight focuses on Susan Hawthorne, a master piano lessons instructor with Music & Arts in Tucson, Arizona.

Learn Classic Rock Guitar

Learn Classic Rock Guitar with These Hal Leonard Songbooks

Trying to learn classic rock guitar? There’s no shortage of great tunes you could be learning whether you’re playing an acoustic or electric guitar. And even though we think nothing beats private…