Spooktacular Performance Must-Haves for Halloween

When it comes to musical holidays, Christmas typically comes to mind for most people long before Halloween does. This holiday is fun for kids and adults alike,  and its knack for celebrating spookiness makes it is an excellent holiday for both musicians and music-lovers. From iconic instruments and unforgettable pop music, to themed educational material for young students, there’s something for every musician on the Music & Arts Halloween list:

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Educational books

For young musicians who look forward to dressing up and trick or treating every year, Halloween-themed instructional books are a great way to inspire kids by bringing fun and silliness to their learning process. From entertaining piano books to collections of easy Halloween songs for beginner guitarists, this holiday makes music education fun and engaging for kids. 


Halloween is ideal for dance parties, concerts, and learning fun new music. Portable keyboards are perfect for professional musicians on the go, while iconically shaped and dramatically painted electric guitars help costumed players rock out in style on stage during Halloween concerts. Pixar’s beloved 2017 film Coco has become a Halloween favorite for kids and adults alike. Crafted with rosewood and cedar and inspired by the hit movie, the Kremona Coco Concert Ukulele was built to introduce young fans of the animated film to music. This excellent instrument helps kids whether they want to stick with the ukulele or move onto other stringed instruments like the guitar or violin. For seasoned musicians who want to bring an arsenal of unique sounds to their Halloween performance this year, the Roland VR-730 V-Combo Organ features a stunning array of synths, pads, and 80’s-inspired instruments. 

Production assets for live shows and videos

Whether you’re streaming your Halloween concert online this year or are playing in front of a crowd, the difference of adding spooky production elements to your show is a big deal for your audience. Fog machines add a mysterious atmosphere to performances, while lighting systems bring color, depth, and spooky intrigue. While music is the main focus for performers playing Halloween concerts, these extras go a long way in creating experiences that audiences won’t forget. This is especially true for digital concerts. Adding dramatic production assets to your digital shows is a great way to deliver audiences the entertaining and thrilling experiences they’d get from seeing you perform live and in person. And if you’re gearing up to film a special Halloween-themed music video this year, haze and fog machines, special lighting, and immersive stage setups are a must. 

Spooky albums, soundtracks, and singalongs

If you want a frightening, fun, and memorable soundtrack to your Halloween this year, Music & Arts has got you covered. From collections of iconic pop tracks to songs from the smash Broadway hit Wicked to terrifying music from the cult movie Halloween, we’ve got all the recorded music you need to make your Halloween special this year. Ideal for livening up parties or getting your audience ready for you to take the stage, Halloween music is ideal for creating a distinct mood. 


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