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Unleashing The Teaching Power of Ostinatos

Music educators sometimes forget that they have a powerful teaching tool all around them at their disposal: Catchy popular music. From chart-topping hits to folk music traditions, well-known music is informing the musical world surrounding your students in a big way . One feature that makes popular music so infectious and memorable is the ostinato. […]

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Want to Learn How to Read Trombone Music? Try These Five Steps

If you want to know how to read trombone music, you’ll need to learn about the musical alphabet, the staff, bass clef, musical notes, and time signatures. These elements are crucial for learning how to read trombone sheet music. Plus, most of the core principles of reading trombone music will apply to other instruments as […]

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Solfege 101: Tips, Tools and Tricks

Helping to solidify a student’s grasp of music theory and notation is no easy task. The specific rules and boundaries used to govern music that typically feel like second nature to educators often feel alien and intimidating to a classroom of students. A powerful tool in every music educator’s teaching arsenal is solfege. If you’ve […]

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Saxophone Embouchure: Tips for Beginners

How to Read Saxophone Music

How To Read Saxophone Music: 5 Essential Concepts If you’re wondering how to read saxophone music, the answer is simple. Reading sheet music for saxophone is the same as reading music for any other instrument. It takes hard work, practice, and commitment. When you’re learning to read music, you will need to understand the following […]

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The Importance of Music Theory

The Importance of Learning Music Theory

Students learning music often think of music theory as a chore–they think it’s boring, a waste of time, and something they’ll never actually need. While some musicians wear their lack of music theory as a badge of honor, there’s a reason most music majors are required to take at least four semesters of music theory–it’s […]

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