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Kirk Whalum Cover Photo

A Journey Through Sound and Soul: An Interview with Kirk Whalum

We sit down with Grammy Award winning sax legend Kirk Whalum in the second episode of our ongoing Music & Artists series. Renowned saxophonist Kirk Whalum, with his deep roots in Memphis, Tennessee, embodies a rich musical heritage that spans genres and generations. In a recent interview, Whalum delved into his musical upbringing, the profound […]

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Beginner Friendly Instruments

Beginner Instruments: Brands and Models You Can Trust

As a musician, choosing the right beginner instrument is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable learning experience. To help you get started, we have compiled a list of top beginner-friendly musical instruments along with specific brands and models that are highly regarded in the industry. Whether you aspire to play the guitar, piano, violin, or […]

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Anniversary Saxophones

20th Anniversary Saxophones by P. Mauriat

Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence P. Mauriat is known for producing some of the finest saxophones on the market, and the P. Mauriat 20th Anniversary custom edition Alto and Tenor Saxophones are a testament to their commitment to excellence. These beautifully crafted saxophones celebrate P. Mauriat’s 20 years of producing exceptional instruments that are beloved by musicians around […]

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Celebrating Jazz: How the Saxophone Became a Jazz Staple

Credit: Jeremiah True, St. Louis Music, P. Mauriat Brand Manager Jazz is widely considered by many to be the most diverse form of music on planet earth. From 19th century “Delta Style” blues to Traditional New Orleans “riverboat jazz,” from Coltrane to Kenny G, solo piano to modern jazz orchestra, Chick Corea’s Elektric Band to […]

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When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Saxophone?

If you’re a parent with limited experience in music, it can be hard to tell the difference between a student model saxophone and an intermediate or professional instrument. The truth is, details that seem small or insignificant actually make a difference in the sound quality and playability of these instruments. This means that your child’s […]

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Saxophone Sound

Five Things You Can Do to Upgrade the Sound of Your Sax

Musicians, regardless of their instrument of choice, are always looking for ways to improve their sound, especially once they’ve nailed down the basics and have the time to experiment. Sometimes that means working on their technique and other times it means investing in a premium mouthpiece or a new set of reeds. Whether you’re looking […]

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Important Jazz Saxophone Players

Important Jazz Saxophone Players Through History

When Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone in 1841, he couldn’t possibly have imagined how popular the instrument would become. The saxophone is regarded by many as being the backbone of jazz. Its players are some of the most talented in history, and their music will live on for centuries. There have been countless saxophonists throughout […]

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Woodwind Instruments

When Is It Time to Upgrade Your Woodwind Instrument?

Dedicated practice, natural ability, and drive are important factors that contribute to a musician’s progress and success. Something that’s not always talked about is the profound impact the quality of an instrument has on a musician’s sound. A well-crafted flute or clarinet has the power to bring out a player’s peak performance. When a player […]

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Saxophonist Stocking Stuffers

5 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Saxophonists 2020

Do you need to finish your shopping in a hurry? Prefer to avoid the chaos of the malls after Thanksgiving? Did you put off shopping until the very last minute? Whatever your excuse may be, we’ve got you covered. From cleaning supplies to metronomes, this gift guide is chock full of stocking stuffer ideas for […]

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Saxophone Embouchure: Tips for Beginners

How to Read Saxophone Music

How To Read Saxophone Music: 5 Essential Concepts If you’re wondering how to read saxophone music, the answer is simple. Reading sheet music for saxophone is the same as reading music for any other instrument. It takes hard work, practice, and commitment. When you’re learning to read music, you will need to understand the following […]

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