Take Your Band’s Performance to the Next Level by Upgrading Your Marching Accessories

As much as we’d like to think that an amazing band performance is exclusively associated with a strong musical showing, there’s actually a myriad of non-musical factors linked with a band’s greatness. Similar to what happens in the backstage of a theater, the excellent band audiences see and hear performing on the field is only one part of the story. In this article, we’re highlighting some ways to bring your band’s performance to the highest possible level by upgrading your marching accessories. 

Why accessory enhancements are important

When most people think about what tools are needed to help a band perform their best, instruments are usually the only things that come to mind. But zoom in a little closer and it’s clear how crucial assets like marching accessories are for running a seamless musical operation. Bands require an immense amount of equipment, and though yours might feature a cast of hardworking, talented students, you’re bound to run into huge problems if you don’t have a solid plan for getting your gear and instruments on and off the field smoothly. 

Something as simple as a well-built field rack can save you, your staff, and your students loads of time, frustration, and precious energy. Field racks are carts designed to transport large amounts of heavy equipment and fold down into a small, concealable sizes when they’re not in use. How will using one help improve your band’s performance? In theory, students are able to help move equipment on and off the field, but asking the musicians in your band to do this is distracting not only for them but also the audiences who see them. Using field racks lets both your students and the audience focus on what’s most important––the music. 

This is especially applicable if you’re in the habit of recording your band’s performances or amplifying them with added sound equipment. Mixer carts are ideal for keeping expensive sound equipment safe as it’s moved on and off the field, and include added features for easy cable inputs and wiring. Speaker stands that convert into easily movable carts help your band sound loud and proud before pairing down for rapid transportation. 

Sure, you could attempt to create some of these time-saving innovations yourself, but when thousands of dollars have already been spent, it’s best to leave band equipment transportation tools to the professionals. As a band director, your time and energy is precious. There’s no direct link to marching accessories and the greatness of a band, but these powerful tools will help you, your staff, and your students stay focused on putting on an incredible performance when it matters most. 

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