The Importance of Private Lessons (Even If Your Child is In the School Band or Orchestra)

Even if your child is learning how to play an instrument in their school’s band or orchestra, the importance of private music lessons cannot be undermined. While a band can create great opportunities for learning to play alongside other musicians, it can’t compare to the one-on-one attention they’ll receive from their music teacher in a private setting. From personalized training to greater accountability, here are a few reasons you should consider enrolling your child in music lessons even if they’re in their school band or orchestra.

They Can Learn at Their Own Pace

One of the most valuable parts of private music lessons is that each lesson is customized to your child. If they need help with their scales and embouchure, this is what the lesson will focus on. Compared to a group setting, like in band or orchestra, where the teacher doesn’t have time to give every child their undivided attention, any problems your child has may be swept under the rug. The undivided attention your child will receive during private lessons is one of the best reasons to continue (or start!) private lessons even if your child is already in band. Your child’s band teacher will thank you–we promise!

They’ll Feel Less Frustrated

If a student is having a lot of trouble or feeling especially frustrated, the one-on-one attention he or she will get during a private lesson is more likely to result in a viable solution. Once your child transitions from a beginner level to an intermediate one, you may find that solely learning in a group setting may be holding them back. This is a good time to enroll them in private lessons, as a private instructor can help your child discover new concepts, techniques, artists, and genres to explore. Sometimes all a student needs is someone to report to on a regular basis, so he or she knows they’re held accountable.

There’s More Consistency

Often in schools, teachers move on to different jobs, music programs are cut back or eliminated, and bandmates come and go. With private music lessons, your child will have the consistency they need to excel. Among the benefits associated with the consistency of private lessons is the idea that your child is more likely to continue playing. They will form a relationship with their teacher, and may actually enjoy time spent learning their instrument with them each week. For students who want to pursue music long-term, their private music teacher can work with them towards that goal, whereas their school band or orchestra teacher will likely only teaching them for a few years, tops.

They’ll Learn the Fundamentals

Orchestra and band teachers are often too focused on ensuring students are ready to perform that they don’t have much time to focus on things like music theory. On the contrary, your child’s private music teacher might focus on music theory and understanding the fundamentals of music before your child even picks up their instrument in class. As with any other subject in school, having a sound understanding of the fundamentals and basics is essential to success. Once a solid foundation is built, the child can keep learning, playing, and succeeding. And who doesn’t like succeeding?

There’s More Room for Exploration

Eventually, your child will develop his or her own musical tastes and may want to explore more of what they love. School bands are expected to learn and play standard pieces of music, but your child’s private lessons are a great place for your child to explore their unique interests. Does your child love jazz? Prefer classical music? All they need to do is let their private music teacher know and they’ll work with them to explore whatever their little heart desires.

Private Music Lessons at Music & Arts

Although we would never discourage any child from playing with their school’s band, we know from personal experience how much of a difference private lessons can make on your child’s success. As the premiere private music lesson facility in the country, we’re wholly committed to exceptional music education. With customized lesson plans built to fit all levels and ages, and a safe learning environment with highly-qualified instructors, we’re ready to help your child succeed. Learn more about our lessons today.

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