The Most Beautiful Love Songs to Add to Your Spotify Playlist

February, the iconic month of romance, is now upon us! It seems you can’t walk into any store without being bombarded with candy hearts, cards, floral arrangements, and giant stuffed animals. If you’re anything like us, you want to give your Valentine a gift that will last long after the last chocolate covered cherry is eaten. We have found the perfect solution. We are going to take a page from our school days, when we spent our time compiling the top tunes of the season and gave ‘mix tapes’ for just about every occasion in our lives.

The great news is, no longer do we need to waste countless hours on Limewire trying to downloading mp3s, just to discover it was a useless file. Nowadays, we have applications like Spotify which brings our beloved music right to our fingertips. You can easily find some of the most beautiful love songs and add them to a personal playlist, customized with your Valentine in mind. Just hop into the car with your loved one for a romantic drive while you stream some of these top picks. We promise at least one of these will win over even the coldest heart. 

“So Beautiful” – Darren Hayes  

The former front-man of the popular 90’s band Savage Garden has an extremely successful solo career. One listen to this dreamy ballad, and it is easy to see why. If you are looking for saccharin sweet lyrics that invoke feelings of a story book romance, this song is the one.

“Something About You” Hayden James Ft. Odesza  

Our love for electronic music gets an incredible new touch. From the very first lyric, these captivating and infectious beat drops make you want to grab your loved one’s hand and dance away the night.

“Me & You” Alok Ft. IRO  

Electronic artist Alok slows it down with a summer love vibe that is absolutely timeless. It tells a story that is achingly wishful and tugs at a memory of a long ago love. This song will get both your feet and your heart moving.

“Get on the Road” Tired Pony  

Take your heart on a journey that reminds you that you would go to the ends of the earth for your special someone. If you want to send the message that you are dedicated to your loved one, this might be the one! This song sets the mood for a love that will endure the tests of time.

“Girls Like You” Maroon 5 Ft. Cardi B

This infectious pop ballad is dedicated to girls everywhere! You can really tell that Adam Levine is enamored with his wife Behati Prinsloo, as he croons his way into the hearts and ears of everyone. The catchy, feel good lyrics are the perfect way to capture that special girl’s love.

“Marry Me” Maroon 5

Adam does it yet  again, with his soul bearing ballad. Marry Me is the perfect song to show her that you dream of a forever love.

“Hard to Concentrate” Red Hot Chili Peppers

RHCP switched tactics, and focused their talent on a love song, and of course, they nailed it! With simple and entrancing melody, the band delivers a poetic promise for an eternal love

“Haven’t Met You Yet” Michael Buble

The soulful Michael Buble lends his voice to encourage to dreamers everywhere. The lyrics are sure to get you smiling while you sing along about falling in love with the perfect partner.

“Everything” Lifehouse  

The band Lifehouse is known for lyrics that suck you in and make you feel really good!  Go ahead and let this classic song from the year 2000 transport you into a drifting daydream! The lyrics give a promise of commitment and a love so pure it is everything

“Your Design” Grace Mitchell

If you are searching for a song that literally says ‘I love you no matter what’ then this song is it! Grace paints an exhilarating picture with her story of how opposites attract, and the result is just beautiful.


Finding the right words to express our love can sometimes leave us feeling like we fall short. Expressing the emotion of pure love and devotion has been the ultimate goal of songwriters for hundreds of centuries. Just doing a google search on ‘Love Songs’ will give you results from way back when, all the way to the latest on the pop charts.

We hope we were able to inspire you with our picks! If these don’t quite work for you, don’t worry, there are millions of songs in every genre, to choose from. Go ahead and dive deep into the realms of love songs, your favorite is out there just waiting to be found.

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