The Saddest Songs ( That’ll Tug on Your Heart Strings)

“When all hope is gone, sad songs say so much’ -Elton John

Did you know that listening to sad music when you are sad can actually makes you feel happier? This is mainly because you can hear the artist belt out the blues without fear or shame… and that is pretty cathartic. Sad music that you can relate to inadvertently gives you a feeling of being consoled and that you aren’t alone. When we are feeling really down it can be difficult to want to even talk about it, especially when we hear that we should ‘just cheer up’ or ‘get over it and move on’  There is a sense of a safe space right between our headphones that is unmatched.

If you are like most people that are going through a break up, experience a death or some bad news, it can feel like a huge relief to hear music that helps you put into words how you are truly feeling, without actually having to do that part yourself. Emotions are a tricky thing for many, and can be overwhelming. Sad music takes away the urgency to solve all of our issues in one day!  Music can give you ample space and time to accept what has happened. 

We gathered up some of the greatest sad songs that we could find. So the next time you just need to get it all out, or are faced with difficult times… you just have to plug in your head phones, follow the web link, curl up with your dog, and enjoy a well deserved private moment to work through whatever is troubling you.

‘Fast Car’ Tracy Chapman  

If you have ever been faced with making a difficult decision, or care for someone who struggles with addiction, then you know it’s a pretty lonely feeling. This song tells such a story as that, while keeping keeping a feeling of hope alive and putting your best foot forward by loving yourself.

‘Human’ Krewella  

Life can leave your head spinning and leave you questioning if you even know what on earth you are doing! We can feel like the weight of world is upon us, and no one else understands. This song expresses that vulnerability we all feel time to time, and reminds you that not one of us is perfect, we are human.

‘Everybody Hurts’ R.E.M.  

The title says it all!  R.E.M. tells us that life is worth living, no matter what! Sometimes just being reminded to ‘hang in there’,  that everyone has struggles from time to time, but it’s never forever. This song is really great to sing along with if you are looking for some encouragement.

‘Vivian’ Delta Spirit

This song is a true gift from San Diego, California rock band, Delta Spirit. It’s a tearjerker that beautifully tackles everything we feel when a loved one passes away. Death is a delicate time for all of us and coping with the loss of someone is a monumental process. These lyrics offer comfort when we need it most.

‘Sober’ Demi Lovato  

Have some tissues handy,  because addiction is one of the most tragic things one could ever face.  Many people get help, and try to make better choices than they used to, but fall off of the wagon a few times in the process. This song tells the story of Demi Lovato’s struggle with alcohol and how it makes her feel like she let herself down. Thankfully, she is doing a lot better now, with the support of her loved ones!

‘Cry Pretty’ Carrie Underwood  

The country songstress  flawlessly covers what it feels like to pretend everything is okay, even when it really is not. We all of heard the phrase ‘ugly crying’. It refers to raw, unbridled emotion. Carrie tells us to face the truth of our emotions, and to not be afraid to cry…and to be a snotty, blubbering mess while we are at it.

‘Hurt’ Sasha Sloan

Falling in love with someone is probably one of the bravest things we could do. Add to it that everyone is afraid of getting hurt by the object of our affections. If our past experiences are anything to go by,  it really hurts! Sasha’s song is easy on the ears and totally relatable! She shares what it feels like to get strong feelings for someone but feeling too scared to get close.

‘Tears in Heaven’ Eric Clapton

This gut wrenching ballad tackles the raw emotion Clapton felt after  losing his young child. He sings about his fear about what happens in the after life. This song is perfect to listen to when you are feeling lonely after experience death. It can offer you hope and healing that is bittersweet.


Simply put, music moves us. It offers us a connection to emotion, and gives us a healthy way to distract ourselves for even just four minutes at a time. It is undeniable that there is  even a certain beauty behind a sorrowful melody. If you are looking for a way to deal with the burdens life that doesn’t make things worse, then listening to some sad music could work for you!  Then, once our initial feelings of gloom have abated, we can turn back to our happy music, with lifted spirits and a renewed sense of self!

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