Top Five American Schools for Film & Television Scoring

It’s time to grab hold of your Hollywood dreams and prepare to venture out into the dynamic, hectic, and high-powered world of music composition. As a composer, you will write and compose music for film and television productions. Soundtrack and scoring is a very niche feature of the musical industry, and once you lock in your spot as a creator your creative energy will have limitless canvases to flow into.

If you have a fierce love for all things music then the path of score creation is for you! We will help you start your journey as we list the best of the best institutions. Choose your school based on where your talents lay. Whether it be sound engineering, composing, directing, or producing, all that is required is a sense of purpose, and some serious guts…because once you compose a masterpiece, your name will go down in theatrical history. Get ready for an educational experience you will never forget!

The Juilliard School

Our first stop is the illustrious Juilliard School in New York. The esteemed school maintains the number one spot for musical arts training. This position has granted them worldwide recognition. The school is responsible for grooming the brilliant composer and conductor Robert Folk. He is responsible for the sound behind over 70 feature films and is especially noted for his score work on 1995’s  Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls.

Julliard is privately funded, with grants upwards of $75k a year. The school has an intimidating course load that will challenge you every single step of the way. If you make it through the rigorous training, you will have received a glamorous addition to your repertoire. Tuition is estimated at $39,720 a year, but don’t let the price deter you from your goals. Take some inspiration from this young man who made his dream possible. 

Berklee College of Music



ext up on our list is the crown jewel of Boston; The Berklee College of Music. Attend this school if your focus is on production, recording, and engineering. The education received here will help you to stay current in a  cutting edge market that is always growing and changing. Famous alum Ramin Djawadi attended this school and now boasts a Grammy nomination for his score for Marvel’s 2008 Iron Man. He has also won a well-deserved Emmy Award for popular TV Show Game of Thrones 7th final season episode ‘The Dragon and the Wolf’. 


The tuition for attending Berklee clocks in at about $40,082 a year. Don’t have that kind of cash? Do not fear! Berklee offers merit-based scholarships. They budget over $40 million a year to invest in the future of our up and coming engineers. Claim your rightful place today!


New England Conservatory


The NEC is responsible for the majority of musicians in the Boston Symphony. The unique course work prepares students for the colorful world of jazz, improv, classical and contemporary music. 2013 graduate Matt Szymanski eloquently summed up the vibe of NEC when he stated “You’re not expected to go into the world and do everything the same way it’s been done in the past”.  So, if you have a perceptive mind and an interest in the entrepreneurial side of music, NEC is ready to meet you halfway!


The price tag for this distinguished opportunity is $47,900 a year. The coolest thing about NEC is how much they really want to extend the good fortune to everyone. Their tuition and financial aid programs include scholarships, federal and state grants, part-time jobs for students, and loans sourced privately or federally.


Eastman School of Music


The great state of New York has long been touted for its incredible Broadway and theatrical productions. Here at the University of Rochester, they continue to make history with undergraduate, graduate, and international programs. Student life is one of the most attractive aspects of the school, especially if the idea of a ‘stuffy’ faculty does not appeal to you. Check out the Eastman Student Living Center. One look at the students milling about, and you will quickly discover a mantra of ‘Eat, Sleep, Music’. What could be better than that?  


Dean Martin Messinger reveals a bit more: “We study music in the classroom, engage with music in the rehearsal room, live with music in the practice room, investigate and reveal music through scholarship, perform music on stages, and share music throughout the community.”  In order to attend Eastman, tuition is $51,440. However, if you choose a graduate program, you are looking at $37,910. Whichever direction you choose, there is help available to the those who seek it! Prospective students are encouraged to explore this information page provided by the faculty. Here you will find everything that you will need to get started, with easy to find links on financial aid and loans.

Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Our final and fifth top-ranked school is nestled just southwest of the great city Cleveland. Founded way back in the 1800s, it is the oldest co-ed liberal arts college around. It’s core music program is an astounding 185 years old! American writer and musician James McBride happens to be one their most famous and respected of graduates. He is especially well known for his memoir, ‘The Color of Water’ written in 1995. Mr. McBride has quite the impressive resume, including a collaboration with  Spike Lee who turned his book ‘Miracle at St. Anna’ into a movie in 2008.  

The campus offers an intimate environment, boasting only 3,000 students. 180 of those students are pursuing double degrees!  Students also have the choice of two programs: train classically at The College of Arts and Sciences, or transform your talents at the esteemed Conservatory of Music. To take on the uniqueness that is Oberlin, it will cost you  $52,762. We are happy to inform you that the scholarships available are truly incredible. They offer merit-based awards, achievement scholarships, personal awards from the Dean, as well as your average scholarship programs. They even have someone available to walk you through the financial aid application process. Here is a link to help get you started. Do you want to help Oberlin out? Give the gift of music to our future by submitting your donation here.


Music & Arts really wants to encourage our readers to invest in their music endeavors. We want you to set our sights as high as you possibly can. Your continuation of education is an invaluable asset. So do not be afraid to dream big. Going to art school is attainable. When you set yourself up to succeed, you can achieve anything. We hope to hear from one day that one of our readers, wrote the next soundtrack to a blockbuster!

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