Top Five Musical Destinations to Travel to in 2019

Everywhere you go in the world there is music. Each culture has their own varieties and favorites. Even within countries there can be a ton of musical variation from region to region. Overall though, it’s safe to say that the world has a love affair with music. For those with a special affinity for song there are tons of musical destinations to visit around the world.

Of course, travelling is expensive and there are so many wonderful countries with enthralling musical hotspots—how is a music lover to choose? Every music enthusiast has their top picks for the biggest and best of the bunch, but we’re here to offer up some of our favorites. Without further ado, here are our picks for top 5 musical destinations to visit in 2019.

Liverpool, England

Yes, it’s the birthplace of the Beatles. This is where John, Paul, George and Ringo came together to form arguably the biggest band in the history of music. The city plays host to International BeatleWeek and the Liverpool international Music Festival. To really get the full experience, sign up for the Beatles Fab Four Taxi Tour. You’ll hit all the band hot spots including Strawberry Fields, the gravesite of the mysterious Eleanor Rigby (the namesake of the Beatles song), and the former homes of each of the bands’ members. Of course, there’s also plenty of Beatles music playing along the way.

Sydney Opera House

The famed opera house in Sydney Australia has such a unique look that it’s easily identifiable to music lovers around the world. The one-of-a-kind building is so massive that it houses six different performance halls. Even more interesting, each hall has its own distinctive style. Guests who visit in May and June can check out VividSydney which is an audio/video display that incorporates the opera house and the harbor. Vibrant art is painted on the opera house and water with light. A spectacular fine dining restaurant overlooking Sydney harbor is another must experience part of the opera house. Music enthusiasts will, of course, want to top off their visit by attending a performance in the spectacular building. Buying tickets well in advance of your trip is advised as the shows tend to sell out very quickly.

Nashville, TN

Country music fans know that Nashville is the heart of the genre and beyond. Home to The Grand Ole Opry, country music fans continually flock to the city to enjoy all that country music has to offer and it’s no surprise that they do. The Grand Ole Opry has been on the scene for over 90 years and it still plays host to three shows each week. Those who take in a show are likely to see a mix of up and comers and musical icons (usually about 12 artists perform in each show). In addition, the city is filled with songwriters and performers and there are plenty of other venues to take in musical talent. You can take in a songwriter’s night at The Bluebird Cafe, The Listening Room, The Commodore Grille, or Douglas Corner. Honky Tonk Highway is another amazing stop to hear some live performances. For music history buffs there are also tons of museums and galleries dedicated to music.

Rio’s Carnival

If a non-stop party is what you’re after, then Carnival in Rio De Janeiro is the place to be. Held every year just ahead of Lent, Carnival is an explosion of color, dance, and of course, music. Everywhere you go during the festival there is music and merriment. The sounds of Carnival are positive and full of energy. In fact, during the samba parade you can literally feel the music pulsing through you. The trumpets, drums and cymbals come together to create a contagious feeling of festivity.

New York’s Broadway

Everyone’s heard of Broadway. The lights, the shows and the tunes are legendary. If you’re a fan of over-the-top performances then Broadway is the place to visit. There’s something for everyone on Broadway and at any given time there is a wide selection of shows to choose from. Music lovers will adore the array of choices and dedication to the craft that all the performers put into their parts. If you happen to see everything you want to see on Broadway (good luck) and you still have time left in the city there are endless other music hot spots in New York, such as Carnegie Hall, Radio City Music Hall and the Apollo Theatre, to name a few.

Music’s what makes the world go around, so it’s no surprise that there are so many spectacular musical venues around the globe. If you’re a music enthusiast, get out there and explore. You may even find a new genre that you love.

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