Trumpet: Renting vs. Buying for Beginners

Trumpet: Renting vs. Buying for Beginners

The use of a quality trumpet that’s in good playing condition is paramount to the success of every  trumpet player, regardless of their proficiency. Thousands of parents each and every year face a decision just like yours. Should you rent an instrument until your child’s ready to make a full-time commitment? Should you buy an instrument and truly invest in their future? What do you need to know if you do decide to rent? Anything you should know if you buy? In this post we’ll look at the pros and cons of each option to help you make the right decision.

The Benefits of Renting a Trumpet

Most parents assume that renting a trumpet is the easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to acquire something for their child to play. While this is accurate, at least initially, the rental fees can quickly add up (and could even exceed the price of a trumpet) if you decide to rent long-term. If you aren’t sure how long your child will be interested in playing the trumpet, play it safe with a rental. Another option would be to find a rent-to-own program, where your rental fees are put towards the total cost of the instrument and, once that amount is reached, the trumpet is yours to own. When it comes to renting a trumpet, there are a few clear advantages, including convenience, reliability, and an easy exit strategy.

Before renting, ask if your child’s school has instruments available to borrow throughout the school year. If they don’t, head to your local Music & Arts store to learn about our rental options. We work closely with local Music Directors to offer their preferred instruments and classroom materials and, if you opt for our Maintenance & Repair coverage, you’ll gain access to free repairs. As an added bonus, there’s no commitment: you can exchange, return, or purchase the trumpet at any time.

The Benefits of Purchasing a Trumpet

While renting an instrument may seem like a no-brainer, in some cases it just makes more sense to buy. For example, in most cases the one-time purchase price of a trumpet can be cheaper than rentals that exceed a year in length. Plus, purchasing a trumpet is a lot easier than you may think. For one thing, the internet has made it possible to learn everything you can about an instrument before you buy. Check out our Trumpet Buying Guide for more information about what to look out for when searching for a trumpet online.

Once you’re comfortable and ready to buy, check in with your child’s music teacher first. They should be able to shed light on whether or not a particular instrument is a good choice. If you’re purchasing a used instrument, ask the seller if you can take it to a trusted repair technician first. Never hesitate to ask questions and feel free to negotiate the price- the worst thing that will happen is the seller says “no”. And, if you prefer to purchase online, head to our website and browse our massive selection of trumpets to find the one that’s right for you.

Which is the Cheaper Option?

As previously mentioned, renting a trumpet is really only cheaper in the short-term. Since you don’t have to put a lot of money down upfront, renting can be a huge benefit for families who don’t have a lot of disposable income. However, as with most anything, buying something used is the most economic option. For example, if you spend $20 a month renting a trumpet, that comes out to $220 over the course of a year. If you add an insurance plan and a couple more years to the equation, you’ve spent nearly $1,000 on your trumpet rental, which is more than enough to purchase one secondhand.

But beyond these projections, the biggest difference between rented and purchased instruments is this: when you buy an instrument, whether new or used, you always have the option to sell if you want to recoup your investment. If you bought your trumpet used initially, the amount you’ll earn from a resale will likely get you close to the original amount you paid. Each and every year, new students just like your child are itching to join a band which, in turn, brings parents who are itching for a good deal on your child’s trumpet.
If you’re curious about how to care for your trumpet once you rent or purchase it, check out Proper Trumpet Maintenance and Care.

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