VENN Advanced Synthetic Reed – A New Species of Reed

Selecting the right reed

When it comes to choosing a reed, the choices can be daunting, especially for beginner or intermediate woodwind students who are still finding their sound and style. With so many reeds on the market, how do you know which one will work the best? 







There are two questions to ask yourself that will help you start to narrow down your options. 

Finding your sound

The first question to consider is: what kind of sound you want? Think about what you want your saxophone or clarinet tone to be – warm and rich, bright and buzzy, something else? The reed you choose will have a big impact on your sound. 

Cane vs. synthetic reeds

Another question to consider is durability and reliability. For students still developing their skills, the cost of natural cane reeds and the inconsistency of their nature are real considerations. For years, manufacturers of synthetic reeds, which are designed and manufactured to imitate the quality and sound of cane reeds, have tried to make them sound as close to natural reed as possible. For young woodwind musicians, synthetic reeds have a lot of benefits, including consistency, they’re impervious to temperature and humidity changes, there’s no breaking-in period and a single synthetic reed lasts much longer than a cane reed. 

However, most woodwind players still prefer the sound, response and playability of cane reeds and feel there is nothing quite like the “real” thing. Some players simply can’t find their sound with a synthetic reed, which can be difficult for young musicians. 

Until now …

Introducing the VENN Advanced Synthetic Reed by D’Addario Woodwinds

Developed by the respected engineers at D’Addario Woodwinds, VENN is a true innovation in the woodwind accessory market. The manufacturer has successfully combined the stability and longevity of a synthetic reed with the sound and feel of natural cane. 

How did the D’Addario engineers do this? They knew cane reed was the high standard, so they set out to mimic the organic structure of cane. They reverse-engineered the cane itself, by layering different strengths of polymer fibers with resin and organic reed elements to make up the reed blank. After much experimentation, the resulting reed outperforms anything else like it. And the best part … it sounds and plays like your favorite cane reed, but has the durability and consistency of a synthetic one! 

What is VENN made of? 

The engineers created a material matrix of polymers, fibers and real cane elements that have the physical and sonic properties of real cane, but the longevity and durability of a synthetic. Here’s what goes into a VENN reed: 

Resin – a combination of food-grade resin and cane particles make it resistant to adverse elements that quickly break down natural cane reeds

Cane particles – natural cane particles allow VENN to mimic cane, giving it a warmer, natural sound

Polymer fibers – unique polymer fibers give VENN natural flexibility, for response and articulation like a cane reed

What instruments are VENN reeds available for? 

VENN advanced synthetic reeds are available for Bb clarinet, alto saxophone and tenor saxophone

What strength VENN reed should I use? 

Clarinet reed strength chart.

Saxophone reed strength chart.

If you’d like to learn more about reeds, check out our articles on how to choose a clarinet reed and how to choose a saxophone reed. 

We’d love for you to visit us at one of our many stores around the country, where our helpful staff are standing by to help you select the best saxophone reed or clarinet reed for you or your student. Or you can shop online at for a wide selection of VENN reeds and D’Addario Woodwinds products.  


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